Genesis Theme Framework v2.1.2 Review

Have you ever heard about Genesis theme framework. If your answer is no then I would like to tell you that it’s one of the most advanced theme framework ever built for WordPress.

Genesis Theme Review

If you are a simple blogger then you might feel that website designing is not an easy task but Genesis has changed this feeling. When I first started blogging back in 2011 I knew nothing about HTML and the so-called cascading stylesheet. The only thing which I knew was how to write articles on blogspot.

Now let me tell you the truth, I started blogging from blogspot and then switched to wordpress. I personally feel that WordPress is more extensible and allows you to easily configure many advanced settings without touching a single line of code.

In other words I can say that WordPress has saved my life. It allows me to generate few extra bucks and helps me to understand the latest web standards. Now like to tell you that this blog also runs on Genesis and I’m using a custom designed child theme. Actually and the person who has design this template and then think it’s pretty cool.

Now let’s get back to our main topic and over here we will discuss few things about this awesome theme.


Genesis Theme Review – Why Should You Use It

I personally feel that genesis has been designed to help common bloggers to professionally redesign their websites. We all know that internet marketers, bloggers and content writers are not web developers.

Now they might have certain knowledge about HTML and CSS, but you that’s not enough. Inorder to create any template you need to have complete knowledge of PHP, MySql and other web programs.

In other terms we should leave this task to the professionals. But Studiopress, an online theme development company had different intentions. They wanted to build a framework which could have extremely flexible layout.At the same time they wanted to make it SEO friendly. They even wanted to add easy to use opton panel. And I personally feel they have succeeded in doing so. And that’s the reason why today more than 100,000+ internet marketers use Genesis theme to power their websites.

Don’t you think that’s preety cool. From 0 to 100,000 plus customer in less than 4 years, I think that shows the real popularity of Genesis.


Smart, Rock Solid & Most Extensive Framework

Just try to think about a feature you would like to have it in your theme & I am sure you will find it in genesis.

Do you want seo friendly structure or do you need responsive design. Many people love to have easy to manage option panel and few love to have lots of features to play with. Internet marketers and specially the business owners are concerned more of security and creative writes love to have professional look.

Genesis Theme Framework

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In genesis you will find all of these features and along with it you get option to use the single framework on unlimited websites. And you even get unlimited support, free updates ( I should say instant updates ) and lots of custom widgets.


The Most Secured & Extensive Theme

Mark Jaquith

Genesis is among those framework which has been verified from security experts and wordpress core developer Mark Jaquith to be the most secured framework. If that’s not enough considering the security then I would like to tell you that it powers some of the world’s most popular blogs and websites. These sites usually faces the most dangerous hacks attempts on regular basis.

Blogs like problogger, copyblogger, Matt cutts ( head of Google’s anti web spam team ), sugarrae and thousands of similar sites use it and trust it. So if you are a blogger, webmaster or even an internet marketer who want to build subscribers, community or email list, then there won’t be any other “better” theme for your awesome website.

Security is also one of the most essential factor which should be considered specially if you are going to start any e-commerce website. There are many different e-commerce plugin to help you and which claims to be secured, but its your template which is the most important one. Since it’s the one which maintains the content and not your plugin.


SEO Features

Genesis has been optimized by Joost de valk who is SEO specialist and developer of world-famous wordpress SEO plugin by yoast. This framework is even capable to recognize if you are already using any SEO plugin ( specially the yoast ) or not. If you are doing so, then it will automatically shut down its optimization settings and will allow you to use your plugin smoothly. This is one of the most unique features which you won’t find in almost any other theme.

Now for those who don’t want to waste there server’s resources in managing another SEO plugin, there’s a good news for you. Actually while developing Genesis, studiopress took care of making the SEO settings as simple as possible. And I personally feel that they have succeeded in doing so. If you want to the theme setting page you will find that you get complete control over each and every element of your website.

You even get option to add custom codes related to advertisements, analytic or other tracking system into your header or footer area. Then you get capability to add custom meta description and keyword tags for every individual post or page.


Title Settings


This settings allows you to improve your brand presence on search engines and in front of your readers. Now you might ask how ?

Well this feature allows you to add your brand name or your website name along with your post titles and with any title present on your site. You also get option to choose any separator which can be either |, ~ or – . So now your homepage title would become sitename – tagline and when on single post, postname – sitename.


Homepage Setting

Home Page Settings

As the name sounds, from this setting page you can control SEO options realed to your homepage. You can add custom and seo friendly site name, site meta description and keyword tags. You can also add nofollow, noindex and noarchive tags to your website if you want to make it non index-able by search engines, i.e private or member only website. And you also get one simple option to select the user which allows you to verify Google authorship.


Some Other Settings

Now let’s say that you want to verify your website with Google webmaster tools. Now as you already know in order to do so you will need to add your metadata into your website’s header section. Now Inorder to add the metadata either you will either install a WordPress plug-in or you will have to edit your theme manually. Considering all these problems Genesis has inbuilt options which allow you to add custom content in footer and head section. Currently you can add the rel link tags to the adjacent posts, windows live writer and shortlink tags. These are not important considering SEO but still you get option to add them or to leave them.

Robot meta settings. Here you can control the whole sets of nofollow relative tags. You can add noindex and noarchive to category, archive, tags pages, author profiles, search and date archive. You can even add the nodir and nodp to your entire website. These option will make your website non index-able to open and paid directories.

Finally you get ability to add the canonical tags to your archive pages. This option helps to eliminate the duplicate content issues and redirect the search bots to the first page.


Responsive Design & Flexible Structure

The biggest reason which usually attract people toward genesis is its powerful yet easy to use option panel. Then comes the flexible design & responsive structure which makes it possible for even novice users to personalize or optimize there website’s look. Finally with dozens of professional child themes you get plenty of option to take your website to new level.

Responsive design is the latest trend in web development. Today every designer and developer try their level best to present their customer and readers with most suitable and easy to fit theme. Responsive look makes it possible for your site to automatically adapt the browser width and to accordingly adjust the contents. This allows your visitors to surf your blog from almost any device and from any browser.

And if you are using genesis or its child themes then you will enjoy this amazing feature. Now you don’t need to install any custom wordpress plugin to help you optimize your website from mobile devices.

Just take a look at how these templates look at different devices which include the basic computer screen, the tablet and then the iPhone.


One of the most popular and extremely customizable theme for professional bloggers and marketers. It comes with inbuilt skins, custom widgets, subscription box and finally different sets of layouts.

Education Theme

A perfect theme for education institutions, universities and collages. If you want to take your online campus to next level and want to show you authority then it better to move with latest web trend. And so it better to move with this professional template.

But genesis have something more advance. And it is the support for hooks, filters, custom widgets, page templates and multiple layouts.

Hooks and filters allow you to create additional widgets, text blocks. You can use it to move any widget below content area or you can use hooks to reposition navigation bar. You can add or remove widget area from footer or can change the footer credit links. Similarly you can create 100’s of variations which will help you build you custom web design.



With Genesis you get lifetime free support from dedicated support forum. They are managed by full-time members who will help you to sort out any problem which you will face while using or while modifying your theme. One of the biggest advantages of using this framework is that you get detailed documentation along with lots of video tutorials. You can also find tons of guides on Internet related to this theme.

Now considering the custom enhancement you have separate tutorial block which allow you to explore Genesis hooks, filters and guide on how to use them. And I just missed one thing, you even get free automatic updates.

Automatic update is one of the biggest personality of Genesis theme. You will not find this feature in most of the frameworks.

It automatic update you can still suit that your website will always be compatible with latest WordPress core. This in turn ensure that you always get latest security patches and feature updates so that you could use them in your content and your website’s design.


Is Genesis Theme Framework For You

Well if you have low-budget to spend on your website’s look and if you still want he industry standard features then yes, Genesis is built for you.

Genesis is low-cost, extremely SEO friendly ( latest update 2.0 will have HTML5 support ), is used by 86,000 professionals and is just incomparable to any other framework.

For example thesis, it costs something close to $189 for just the framework and similar goes with headways, pageline and any other framework available on web. But genesis is built for everyone. From designers to developers and from novice to pros can use it and build their awesome web presence.

And best part above all is that you can use the single theme on unlimited websites which is something for which you will need to pay premium ( have to upgrade ) in other themes.

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If you want to have a great website. If you want to build web presence and lots of great subscribers then you will need to have a great theme. A theme which helps you with SEO, social media and custom enhancement. A theme just like Genesis.

Genesis Theme Framework Review
  • Easy To Use
  • Features
  • Customizable
  • Customer Support
  • Child Theme Support
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Compatibility
  • User Base : More Than 86,000


Genesis is a suitable theme framework for both advance and novice users. If you want to take control of your website's design on your hand then their won't be any better theme framework than genesis.

Currently more than 130,000 plus internet marketer's and bloggers are using it. Few reason for its popularity is search engine friendly design, fast loading, great commented codes and lots of hooks and filters to play with.

User Rating: 5.0 (2 votes)


  1. Steve says:

    Since I started using the Genesis Framework about a year ago I have been hooked. I now exclusively use Genesis for every project that I undertake. In my mind it is by far the most well coded framework for WordPress.
    Thanks for the post Vivek, very good article.

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