How To Create New Widget Area In WordPress In 2 Steps

create widget area in wordpress code snippet

Creating a new widget area in wordpress theme requires basic knowledge of wordpress codex and PHP programming language. You should know that wordpress has its own way to define the page structure. This helps developers to code different sections of the website in different files and helps them to focus on one part at a … Read more

5 Simple Ways To Fix err_internet_disconnected

Today I will help you to solve ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED error message. This error basically means that your system ( chrome browser ) is unable to establish internet connection to the host. And as a result, you fail to surf the internet. If this problem occurs on any of your web browsers then most probably you won’t be able … Read more

Fix Replytocom Link Issue In WordPress


Replytocom link issues arise usually when you have lots of comments to your individual posts. But the worse happens when Google indexes all those replies to comment links. This results in 100’s of duplicate content of the same post and keeps on increasing the number of comment increases. Overall, if this problem is not controlled … Read more