Easyengine – Install WordPress on DigitalOcean With Ease

install wordpress on digitalocean using easyengine with nginx server, letsencrypt ssl, fastcgi cache

I love playing with wordpress. I spend hours daily in front of my laptop working on sublime text and shell; customizing and installing wordpress on digitalocean using easyengine or serverpilot. Now you might think what’s the need for the shell? Well, I am quite confident that you will not like my answer to this question. WordPress is a fantastic … Read more

How To Install WordPress On Linode VPS With RunCloud.io

linode best cloud vps service

Linode is one of my favorite VPS hosting providers. They provide powerful virtual private servers at really cheap prices. How cheap? Imagine a server with 1GB RAM and 20GB hard disk space at only $5 per month. That is probably cheaper than a shared hosting account in most places. And with a VPS hosting, you … Read more

10 Best Free WordPress Hosting Services for 2017

Hands down, paid hosting services trump free ones regarding features, flexibility, and overall reliability. But that being said, when in a financial pinch and budget constraints force your hand to try out the bevy of free WordPress hosting services, and you will need to navigate the sea of free hosting services on the net. These … Read more

How To Install WordPress On DigitalOcean Under 5 Minutes


Digital Ocean has been my favorite hosting platform since 2013. It has provided me a platform on which I can install WordPress and many other platforms and enjoy high-speed website performance without think about any downtime. With digitalocean, you can do lots of stuff. You can install WordPress on digitalocean and can become a professional blogger. You can … Read more