Top 10 SEO Plugins for Your WooCommerce Shop

WooCommerce offers an infinite number of possibilities to set up and customize your ecommerce store, thanks to hundreds of plugins (plugins) regularly updated to add many features. As a store owner, you are probably wondering: having a WooCommerce-based e-commerce store is good but how to perform its SEO? In fact, the use of this platform … Read more

How to Handle Technical SEO If You Are a Non-techie

how to handle technical seo

 No matter how good your house looks inside and outside, it won’t hold the ground for too long without a solid foundation. The same thing happens in SEO. Unless you lay a solid technical foundation, your site won’t rank the way you want. Neither a smart keyword choice nor a strong backlink profile will … Read more

10 Things Not to Do When Optimizing for Local SEO

local seo tips

Local SEO is a tool that many businesses either misunderstand or undervalue. Nonetheless, Local SEO has the capacity to build your business; hence, it would be of tremendous benefit if you did your best to optimize your local search results. Thankfully, if you are reading this, then you know how valuable local SEO is. If … Read more

SEO Tips for One Page WordPress Websites

One page websites are rising in popularity as more and more people and companies choose them over larger, more elaborate, sites with multiple pages. Single page websites can be ideal for special new projects. With applications in all niches, one-page websites are perfect for small scale businesses, agencies, service based organizations or for simply creating … Read more

The Importance of Internal Links for SEO in 2017 and Beyond

importance of internal linking

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are so many ranking factors and best practices to consider: What is the quality and quantity of shared links through social sites? Is my content a decent length, readable, and unique? Are my title tags and meta descriptions informative and a good length? How is my … Read more

SEMRush Review 2015 – Get 14 Days Free Pro Trial


One of my regular reader Alena recently asked me, which is most essential search engine marketing tool you use on daily basis. My answer was clear, SEMrush. Then she requested me for SEMrush review and here it is. I have been using this easy to use marketing tool for more than 1 year and I … Read more