I Am Vivek Kumar Poddar

Hi, I wish you are doing well and having fun in your life. I am Vivek Kumar Poddar owner and lead contributor at WPVKP.

As far as my personal life is concerned, it’s pretty straight forward. My life started when I was placed in this “so-beautiful” world by the Almighty GOD. Then my mom gave me a name, Vicky and my dad gave me a professional name Vivek. Even today my dad call me Vivek and my mom call me Vicky, but that’s completely fine with me. Since I know that both of them love me even more than GOD.

Then when I was three years old, I got admission in TinyTot and when I was 16 I was in Sri Chaitanya IIT Academy. Now I am in my second year pursuing my B-Tech in computer science department.

So How My Blogging Started?

Well, when I was in ninth standard I got my first internet connection, though it was in my home since I was too young, my parents didn’t allow me to use it. But one day when they saw that I was studying reproductive systems in humans, they might have thought that it’s high time to give their son —- that’s me —- internet connection.

I used to surf the internet and used to download all sorts of rubbish, almost 10 to 20 GB per day…. I was using BSNL unlimited broadband connection with maximum speed reaching 512KBPS.

I think I was searching for a word like how to write the best essay, and suddenly I came across a word “BLOG.” I thought what the hell it is, and I did a quick search on Google. And at that time, the leading page for term blog was Google’s own “blogger”.

I moved to that site and then my blogging career started from theirs.

What’s My Future Intention?

I am currently enjoying my B-Tech, and I am planning to complete my M-Tech from Delhi University. In the first semester, I got 8.5 SGPA and in the second semester, I got 8 SGPA. In my third semester [ I will update it once I give my examination ].

For my future, I want to be a web developer with all sorts of technical knowledge, and that’s why I want to appear for red hat corporation’s certification examination and even for Cisco’s. I don’t want to work for any company, but if I get the chance to work in Google USA branch, then I won’t miss it.

So, that was all about me. I know I am a little bit of boring type, but it’s me.

Some of my other projects are :: http://cmswarrior.com/