How to Legally Protect Your WordPress Website Within 5 Minutes

Did you know that you could be unknowingly violating Google policies through your website? Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has imposed some laws, rules, and regulations about legal policies that must be followed while advertising or marketing on the internet? Why Should Your Website Have Legal

Best And Most Trending Social Media Management Tools

Social media is one of the effective and most proven ways for a business to bring more traffic and generate new leads. For marketers, it has become mandatory to manage all the social media platforms in order to get fast responses and lucrative business leads.Although managing all the social media platforms

10 Things Not to Do When Optimizing for Local SEO

Local SEO is a tool that many businesses either misunderstand or undervalue. Nonetheless, Local SEO has the capacity to build your business; hence, it would be of tremendous benefit if you did your best to optimize your local search results.Thankfully, if you are reading this, then you know how valuable local SEO

20 Awesome Responsive Web Design Tools for Designers in 2017 – 2018

With the introduction of mobile devices as modern mini computers with the Internet connection has changed the scenario of the entire web, personal life, and businesses across the world.Increasing numbers of mobile users have compelled everyone aligned with the web anyhow to go for the mobile-friendly web. Even

How to Fix the White Screen of Death in WordPress

You switch on your laptop, and as usual, you browse to your WordPress site to add some new content or apply an update. But wait; instead of being greeted with your usual home page, a white, blank screen stares ominously back at you, otherwise known as the white screen of death.First of all, don’t panic! This error

Install WordPress on Vultr Using Serverpilot in 8 Detailed Steps

Recently I was searching for the best alternative to DigitalOcean cloud hosting, and then I stumbled upon Vultr. You can consider it as the most competitive, budget-friendly VPS infrastructure provider.Its plans start from $2.5 per month (yes you read it correctly) and go as high as $320 per month. Obviously, the

10 Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugin

Email marketing is extremely popular among a large section of tech-savvy people. It's one of the best media through which you can connect to your potential customers.If you run a web-based business, you can create awareness about your brand among the potential customers simply by sending appealing and user-centric

weForms Review – The Fastest Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

Contact forms are already a crowded market in WordPress. But they are essential. Contact forms enhance your website, and as a consequence, your business too. You can use them in multipurpose ways.The benefits they bring are also numerous.:-it enriches your website look, saves your inbox from spam mails,

Building and Running an Online User Community with WordPress

Interested in building an online user community website using WordPress? Well, you’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about building good, interactive, sustainable online community.After that, I’ll walk you through a leading WordPress community plugin that’ll help you build a strong online user