Fastest WordPress Theme – Schema Ready, SEO Friendly, 100% Free

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Fastest WordPress theme is developed, designed and is maintained by WPVKP. It is licensed under GPL 2.0 and is available for free on official theme repository. We have been working on it for more than two months and have been regularly updating its codes, adding new features and fixing bugs. If you want to see the change-log, you can do so by visiting this link.

Features of Fastest WordPress Theme

The free version comes with lots of cool features which empowers you to customize your website design as per your requirements. We are currently working on the premium version, and it will come with tons of features which will let you customize the design, layout, colors, fonts, etc. The premium version will allow you control settings like line-height, featured banner position, sticky navigation, etc.

Some notable features are listed below:

  1. Schema markup and breadcrumb navigation
  2. Custom built featured grid widget.
  3. Customized recent post widget which comes with inbuilt support for the thumbnail.
  4. Hero banner and a widget area to add text to it.
  5. Modern sticky navigation which adapts to the design conditionally.

SEO Friendly, Schema Ready & Super Fast

This template comes with support for HTML5 and essential content related schema markup just like premium Genesis Framework. It also comes with 100% validated breadcrumb navigation which can be enabled or disabled using the customizer.

Currently, fastest WordPress theme supports three types of schema, and they are Web Page, Search Results Page, and Profile Page. We were not able to implement review system because it comes under plugin territory and according to WordPress developer handbook we can’t include such features in a theme.

The whole design and layout of this template are powered by just 6.75KB of CSS styles and 3KB of JavaScript files (when all files are combined, minified and compressed). Furthermore, we haven’t used any front-end frameworks like bootstrap or foundation as they only make websites heavy, thanks to their super complex content structure and 100’s of non-useful styles (depends entirely on the project type).

For example, this template consists of a single grid and two-column layout. So there was absolutely no need of using any front-end framework as they would load 22KB to 35KB of extra CSS styles on every single page. Then they would require additional JavaScript files which would further deteriorate the performance and the primary objective of this theme.

Featured Grid Post Widget

It is one of the most important design element. Using this widget you can show off latest posts in grid style on your homepage, just below your site’s header area. You get the option to either include or exclude sticky posts. This widgets requires two image sizes and they are of following dimensions 620px * 460px and 295px * 230px. You can use a free plugin called Ajax thumbnail rebuild to regenerated all required image sizes and then this theme will automatically pick up the appropriate images.

This widget is mobile responsive and also comes with advanced CSS animation and gradient effects. More styles will be available in the premium version.

Recent Post Widget

The fastest wordpress theme comes with a customized recent post widget that supports thumbnails. It requires 80px * 80px image to look modern and professional. By default, it will show five latest contents from your site, but you can change the value as per your needs. The thumbnail comes with a border radius of 3px to give it a smooth look.

If you want your featured images to be rounded, then you can add the following codes in the custom CSS area in the customizer.

.fastest-widget-list .post-icon img {border-radius50%;}


It comes with two types of pagination. First one is the default next-page and previous-page and the second one is the numeric type. You can change the pagination type by visiting “Home Page Settings” in the customizer.

Custom Colors

This template gives you control to customize colors of almost every element on your website.

Accent: It allows you to change the color of hyperlinks, buttons, on:focus elements globally.

Hero Image Text: Change the color of the text on the HERO image. The default value is set to #ffffff which is white.

Header Background: Gives you the ability to change the background color of Header area. It’s important to note that the header background will be transparent if the Hero banner is activated.

Header Text Use it to change the color of text or menu links in the header.

Footer Background: Using it you can customize the background of the footer area.

Footer Text Color: As it sounds, it allows you to customize the color or the text and links in the footer section of your website.

Full Preview

fastest wordpress theme full preview

If you want to see the live site then click the orange “Preview” button in the sidebar.

Special Thanks

Fastest is built on Underscores starter theme which is developed and managed by WordPress core contributors and developers from all across the globe. Furthermore we would also like to thanks Pexels for providing such a great collection of free, high quality pictures and The Noun Project for delivering 1000’s of premium quality SVG icons for free.