Terms Of Use

At WPVKP, I (Admin) use multiple 3rd party scripts and plugins in order to track my visitors. This, in turn, help me to understand my readers and allows me to optimize my blog according to their needs.

For example, when I found that most of my readers were coming from United States Of America, then I started focusing on my language and tried to create posts in easy to understand English. In a similar way, I track my bounce rates and accordingly optimize my posts so as to improve user engagement. But in order to track my readers activities on this site, I have to use 3rd party services which store cookies on my reader’s local system ( using which they navigated to this site). Tracking activities helps me to find out the best color combinations, best places to put social media buttons and etc.

I use 3rd party services like Google analytic, WordPress stats and AW stats and few others.

So if you use my blog, you agree to the statement that Google analytics and other tracking services will store cookies on your local system.


Admin and Content Editors reserve full rights to remove the credit links given to authors any time with a warning or without any warning.

Once the article is published on WPVKP, Admin and Content editors of this site have full control over the content ( including text and all attached files ) and will have full authority to edit it, redistribute it ( with or without giving credits to authors ) and remove it with a warning or without giving any warning.

Each and every post once published on WPVKP is the property of WPVKP and its content editors and Administrator(s). And after publishing the article, author cannot republish the article somewhere else or we will issue DMCA takedown notice against that site.

Reasons why we removed your contributor account and your company’s links from our site.

  • You didn’t responded to the comments left by our readers on your articles, posts, guides or reviews.
  • You didn’t followed all the contributors guidelines while submitting the post but we still published your post. But then you didn’t respond to our reader’s queries which only means you contributed here for backlink.


If you want to republish WPVKP’s content then you will have to follow these guidelines.

  • First request for republishing OR
  • Send pingback to our blog so that we could track the republished content.
  • Don’t copy more than 200 words from my posts.
  • Use rel=canonical tag along with the link back to our posts.

If you fail to follow these guidelines then I will be forced to contact your hosting provider and I will submit a DMCA takedown notice to them. DMCA takedown notice is usually effective within 24 hours to 1 week and can result in loss of your hosting account along with all your hosted content.



Hotlinking images from our server directly into your articles create an external load to my servers and to my CDN. This directly impacts the performance of my blog and I don’t want this to happen.

So in simple words, Hotlinking from my blog is not allowed or this will also create a DMCA take down notice.