Add Beautiful Donate Button With BuyMeACoffee WordPress Plugin

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Buy Me A Coffee WordPress Plugin

BuyMeACoffee is an open platform which allows everyone to accept donations. It gives you the ability to create your own donation page from where you can accept $3, $4 or $5 from your supporters. I have personally used this platform and I can definitely say its fast. It’s easy to setup and currently, they don’t even deduct a single penny.

Furthermore, according to the official statement, if you switch to this platform, your supporters will be able to donate you or your projects 4-times faster than Paypal. What’s more exciting than this. I mean I personally hate Paypal not because I hate their interface but because I really don’t understand their currency exchange rates.

Leaving my hate for Paypal behind let’s get back to the main topic.

BuyMeACoffee WordPress Plugin

If you are a blogger and if you ever wanted to integrate the greatness of this platform into your website, here’s a great news for you. BuyMeACoffee has developed a free open source plugin and is available for free of cost on official WordPress plugin repository.

But before you install this extension, it’s necessary to first register on the official website. It takes less than one minutes to complete the registration and another few minutes to set up your own custom BMC page. Here’s a link to our page in case you want to support us.

Now you before you start following the setup guide, here few things we have to say regarding the customization options which are available to you as a content creator.

our custom bmc page

As a content creator and as a BMC page creator you get the freedom to add your name, occupation, website address. You can also add featured image and can even share your story. Furthermore, you can also edit the page link so as to match to your brand or your name. These options might sound great to most of the people but we were expecting few more things. For example, ability to customize the colors, fonts and few more things.

But hey, this platform is 100 times better than those ugly Paypal buttons. Furthermore, under the options page, you can perform lots of advanced customizations. For example, you can choose the default amount which you want your supporters to donate you. You can even create a personalized “thank you” message.

There is one more setting which allows you to show the Goal you want to achieve.

settings related to your goal

If you choose to activate this feature then you will find few more fields where you can share your details regarding your Goal, Goal Amount and progress so far.

How to create custom donation button?

Kindly follow the steps listed below and within 5 minutes your custom button will be ready and within few minutes you will be able to start accepting donations from your readers or website visitors.

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. After successful installation, you will find “BuyMeACoffee” menu link in the sidebar. Click on it and a new settings page will open.
  3. Click on the “Connect” button. Now you will be taken to the official page and here you will need to provide your login credentials.
  4. After successful connection, you will be redirected back to the settings page.
  5. Now click on the “Widget” tab.
  6. Choose your favorite color for your button. Unfortunately, you cannot select your own custom color and so you can only choose from 5 predefined colors.
  7. Add a custom text to the Donation button or leave it to default.
  8. Click on “Add to widget” buttons. Now go to your Widgets page which you can find under Appearance menu link.
  9. Drag the “BuyMeACoffee widget” to the appropriate widget-area. Clear all your website’s cache and load your website.
  10. Enjoy.

How can you withdraw the money to your account?

Currently, BuyMeACoffee only supports two platforms. The first one is Stripe and the only limitation with this payment processor is that it is not available worldwide. Currently, they are only active in 25 countries including Canada, United States of America and the United Kingdom. The second option is Paypal.

If you live in a country where Stripe’s service is available then you are eligible for instant payout. It means you will receive your money automatically. But if you choose Paypal as your payment processor then there is a minimum payout threshold of $10. You can read more about them and their operation on the official FAQ page.

Note: As of now BuyMeACoffee is not deducting any money from your donations, which means you keep your 100% money. There are no processing or platform charges, but they will soon start charging 5% on your total amount.

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  1. It a great plugin. I just love it. I mean I have been trying to figure out how to add paypal donate button on my site, but hey, who need it anymore. Just register on BuyMeACoffee website and you are all set to accept donations from your supporters.

    Thanks for this great tutorial.

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