How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress

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If you want to measure your blog’s performance and popularity then you must install or add Google analytics to wordpress.

Analytics is a great service from Google which allows you to track website performance, popularity and everything related to its performance on internet. You can customize the java script to track the visits, user experience, bounce rate, outgoing, incoming links and so much more.

Add Google Analytics To WordPress


Overall Google has tried to provide you a premier class platform to track the performance, detect the problem and enhance the user experience of your website. But the general question which most of novice bloggers and webmasters have is how to install Google analytics.

Well, what I can say is that you just need 2 minutes for complete account setup and installation process. Just follow the steps I have shared below and under 2 minutes you will be able to complete all your setups.

Signin To Google Account

Gmail sign inIn order to use any of the Google services you will have to first sign in to any of the Google’s services account. I assume that you already have a gmail account. If you don’t have then please create one for free and then sign in.

After you have signed in, just visit to Google analytics and click on the button Access Google Analytic which can be seen on the top right hand side corner.

After clicking it you will be offered with a new welcome page where you will be asked to signup for this service.

Once you click the Sign Up button you will be taken to new page where you will be asked to enter the details related to your website you want to track.

google analytic signup page

Over here you have two options, Website and the other is Mobile app. Now as we want to track the visitors visiting our website so we will choose the Website option. But if you want to track the popularity of your Mobile app then you can chose the second option.

Now fill in the details.

fill in the details

After entering all the details click on Get tracking ID. This will give you the analytic tracking identification number. Every website has their own unique number.

Now you have two options. You can either use wordpress plugin to install the Google analytics script into your website or you can manually place the javascript code to the head section of your website.

Manual Installation

If you want to manually install Google analytics then you must first copy your tracking code from Google’s admin page. On this page under property you will find .js tracking info. You have to click it in-order to get your code.

Google analytics tracking code

Once you copy it, move to your wordpress theme editor. Now on this page you will have to find index.php file and edit it. Now place the code just above the closing </body> section.

If you are using any framework like Genesis or thesis then they have inbuilt option for placing the javascript function to body and footer section. You can use these options to place the code.

place google analytics tracking code

In the above example I have placed the java-script in the footer section, but you can even place it in header section.

Use A WordPress Plugin Google Analyticator

Its not just a simple wordpress plugin which allows you to add Google analytics to wordpress blog without touching the theme editor. But instead it even add the live visitor statistics page to your dashboard. This means now you can view all your visitors from within your blog’s dashboard.

It even supports some custom and advance settings which is really hard to configure manually. With Google analyticator you can track downloads, outbond links and all types of links which are not controlled by wordpress.

This plugin even supports the latest universal alaytics.js along with the old ga.js script.

So these are two different methods to install Google analytics to wordpress blog. If you have any question or problem related to installation or implementation then you can share your trouble in comment section.

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