Best And Most Trending Social Media Management Tools

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trending social media toolsSocial media is one of the effective and most proven ways for a business to bring more traffic and generate new leads. For marketers, it has become mandatory to manage all the social media platforms in order to get fast responses and lucrative business leads.

Although managing all the social media platforms simultaneously is a challenging task, but it is not impossible. In this scenario, you can choose the handy social media management tools which assist marketers to track interactions with their brand and allow them to respond accordingly. Conjointly, with these advanced tools, anyone can monitor social accounts only from a single dashboard. Further, the tools also help managers analyze online activities and let them schedule the posts in advance.

Most Trending Social Media Tools

Today, social media management has found to be a significant area to be focused. Regardless of the size and scale of the enterprise, it is crucial to make an active presence on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. But, the question is how these platforms can be managed?

Listed are some of the best social media management tools that are widely used by social media giants to juggle these trending platforms.



It is one of the most popular tools which is useful for scheduling social media posts from the links shared on different platforms. The buffer provides an easy and smart way to optimize social media platform. Also, this lets you keep aware of the regular social media schedule and reduce your stress about managing the delivery time of posts. Additionally, it provides detailed analytics about the reach and engagement of the published posts.

Additional benefits:

  • Works as a virtual queue that can be filled with content to schedule posting time
  • Helps to maintain consistent social media schedule for weeks without micro-managing the delivery times
  • It is a simple and easy to use interface that makes the team more efficient
  • Ideal for broadcasting

SocialOomph & Crowdbooster


SocialOomph is a powerful and automated tool which makes content scheduling on different social media platforms easier. It is a relatively new web app that provides a paid productivity and free host facilities to boost social media activities. There are tons of features integrated within this online application such as keyword tracking, scheduling posts, monitoring mentions, etc.

With the help of this user-friendly application bloggers, marketers and agencies can save a lot of time and effort as well. Similar as SocialOomph, Crowdbooster is also a widely used tool which boosts the online engagement by providing suggestions and recommendations for timing, content scheduling, and audience insights.

Some additional benefits of both social media management tools:

  • Provide DM (direct message) cleanup features.
  • Auto-follow all the new followers on the particular social platform.
  • Help to increase social media productivity.
  • Can be integrated with any social media platform and keep the inbox organized.
  • Provide optimize delivery.

Sprout Social


Sprout Social is an all-in-one tool for social media related tasks. It provides you with an initiative interface from where you can manage multiple accounts, can track your post performance and furthermore can schedule your posts.

It is a kind of engagement tool which is integrated with a single stream inbox that is specially designed to store and synchronize all the messages. It also allows users to manage, collaborate and schedule messages for all the social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Additional Benefits:

  • Assists users to never miss a message.
  • Offers functions to monitor, analyze and visualize essential metrics.
  • It can automatically detect all sort of activities on all the social media platforms.
  • It helps you visualize your social posts as one single feed.



If you want to manage all your Twitter feeds and accounts, you can rely on TweetDeck. It is a Twitter-owned web and desktop solution that is used explicitly for managing and monitoring the Twitter feeds. The tool is designed with powerful filters that control and focus on each activity running on an individual Twitter account.

Below I have listed some more essential features of this powerful tool:

  • Helps schedule tweets and makes users up to date by providing notifications for new messages
  • Compatible with Windows, Chrome browsers and Mac desktops
  • Arranges the twitter feeds and messages in columns and filters them as per requirements
  • Also, offers facility to organize the feeds into groups and lists

Social Flow & Sendible


Social Flow and Sendible are the trendings and widely used social media tools which provide a single dashboard to bring all the earned, paid and owned social media campaigns at one place. Additionally, these are smart and highly-functional tools which allow users to make recommendations regarding the Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ updates.

Some extra features of both of these tools:

  • Provide advanced targeting for social ads
  • Help drive higher conversions
  • Integrated with own ad builder functionality
  • Ensure efficient publishing, collaboration, and CRM


HootSuite is highly-functional enterprise-level social media management tools which are broadly used by a vast number of marketing professionals. HootSuite helps managers schedule, execute and analyze the campaigns running on different social media platforms.

It provides users the facility to manage the entire campaign from a single dashboard. An added advantage of using this tool is that it allows users to track all the mentions, analyze traffic and schedule updates regarding the brand promotion in a comprehensive manner. Similarly, this tool termed as social media and content marketing tool which supports digital marketers by monitoring, analyzing, publishing, content intelligence, and reporting.

Important features of HootSuite:

  • Permits you to add the additional social media network from the tool’s App Directory
  • Provides in-depth analytics and reports
  • Integrated with a handy option to save the customer’s responses and feedback for the future
  • Offers a pro, free and an enterprise solution to manage and analyze infinite social profiles


Utilizing this tool will be beneficial if someone wants to generate increased business leads. With the assistance of oktopost, campaign managers and marketers can assign and measure a monetary value to inbound leads that are generated via distributing social media posts.

Other important features are listed below:

  • Distributes massive content on social media platforms
  • Plans and creates promotional campaigns
  • Provides analytic and leads track records

Raven Tools

raven tools

If you are seeking for a high-standard social media tool for managing reports of online marketing campaigns, then the Raven tool is the perfect alternative. This tool is designed by combining the SEO and advertising components that can be easily accessed and used directly from the dashboard.

Additional Benefits:

  • Provides facility to drag and drop report building & automation
  • Comes with the team collaboration and analytics tools


Spredfast is a tool which is specifically designed to check the online conversations by applying keyword research. Marketers widely use this and recommend this for handling one or more social media websites.

Additional Benefits:

  • Provides comprehensive reports
  • Guarantees to offer advanced analytical reports
  • Designed with a single dashboard that is good for quick reference



A broad list of social media platforms can be added with this tool. Buzzbundle is well-known for its wide variety of operations performed. Other than social media platforms, it manages all the blogs, forums, and Q7A websites to monitor promotional activities. This application is available in two different versions. First, one is free edition and gives you limited access to its features. The second one if a professional edition which you can purchase for $199 and can get unlimited access to most of it’s features. Below I have listed out some important premium features of BuzzBundle:

  • Ability to track brand mentions across all networking sites, actually on the internet.
  • You can create 5 cloud projects and can save your history.
  • Allows users to comment regarding the received replies or feedback
  • You get the ability to create an unlimited number of personas and an unlimited number of profiles.
  • It also helps to send private messages simultaneously on all channels
  • Users can also attach images to this tool

Social Clout

This is considered as another analytic tool which provides users the authority to make significant improvements in campaign, engagement, and keywords. Social Clout manages and audit reports based on social-media and demographics results.

Additional Benefits:

  • Track the progress of campaigns
  • Helps to notify the differences in user responses



The one who is using Facebook and Twitter for managing business interactions, with this tool, they can enhance their social media activities professionally and systematically. Using this tool, they can efficiently manage customer relationship management, analytics, reports, contests and much more.

Additional Benefits:

  • Creates dynamic reports of all the social media networks
  • Helps to run different kinds of promotional activities



Tailwind is the social media tool that tracks movements with your Pinterest marketing efforts. With this tool, users will be able to create boards, perform bulk uploads and schedule pins.

Additional Benefits:

  • Optimize the best time to upload the pins
  • Helps increase user engagement

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right social media management tools for your business is a beneficial choice as it will increase the chances of massive traffic and business prospects. The tools mentioned above are the appropriate and proven examples of social media tools which are broadly used across the market by marketing gurus. You can choose one or more from the list to optimize your business insights.

5 thoughts on “Best And Most Trending Social Media Management Tools

  1. Awesome list of social account management tools. I have never heard of many of these tools. The only tool which I have used is buffer. But actually I don’t use their web-service instead I came to know about them through their free WordPress plugin. They are really great and they can become more cool if they could just enable Pinterest in their free account.

  2. BuzzBundle is my favorite software. I have been using it since it was released and it really helps me with multiple account management. It is not that powerful especially since it’s desktop based. But it’s good.

    Thank you so much for this awesome article.

  3. Hi Steven, nice complication here.

    Buffer is by far the easily, simplest social media management tool I have ever used. It’s fast, it’s management panel is super clean and pricing is really great. Compared to other tools and web-based applications like HootSuite, I think buffer is great for new bloggers and internet marketers who are just getting into social media marketing.

    The best part is that you can auto schedule your wordpress posts and they will get shared on your social profiles automatically. I think it takes less than 30 minutes to setup everything and you are ready to go.

  4. I think you missed one of the greatest and by far the most extensive social media marketing and management tool: Hootsuite.

    It has more than 15million users and it allows you to connect almost 35 social networking sites. There is no other tools or software that supports so many websites.

    I am personally using it since 2015 and truest me it’s worth every single penny — only if you really and by that I mean really know what you are doing.

  5. Oh, so what do yo “really” mean by “know what you are doing”.

    As for me, I love Buffer. By far it’s the best social media tools. It’s not that powerful as Hootsuite but hey, they offer free account and their free service is more than enough for startups and new internet marketers.

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