23 Best Genesis Child Themes For 2017 – Updated

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In this post, you will discover 23 mobile responsive wordpress Genesis child themes. I have created this post due to the huge popularity of Genesis framework among professional bloggers, authors, and creative agencies.

Genesis is a platform that has become very popular WordPress theme framework used by many well-known bloggers. Genesis is a platform which has powered several WordPress websites, but it may not be necessary that people use Genesis due to the variety of child themes available in the framework. Child themes add an extra functionality which in turn changes theme design for this wonderful framework.

Overall you can safely assume that Genesis is one among the best and the most popular theme frameworks for WordPress. It helps you to create WordPress themes from the scratch, or you can use professionally pre-designed Genesis child themes. Over 20 percent of websites across the world are using this robust framework to build a professional looking website according to their needs.

Actually, according to a statistics over 15 percent of wordpress powered websites across the world are powered by this framework.

Handpicked Genesis child themes for 2017

great child themes for genesis

Genesis Child Themes are available for almost every industry such as education, real estate, fashion, magazine, corporate, church and other websites but the blogs are the part where the Genesis Framework has been used the maximum.

Similar to the usage of other WordPress themes, Genesis can be used for everything but when it comes to blogger site, Genesis is the most preferred as it has certain features especially to suit their needs. We can say the reason behind such name for child themes so simple that a child can even use it. It is the secret behind the continuous evolvement of the technology.

Most of the WordPress themes available out there are not extremely well coded, they are very easy to use. Their framework makes it easy to integrate the website with social media platforms and the customization process is also very easy. More the website is user-friendly and accessible, more the number of customers. It is the golden rule that only if you have a strong following, you can survive in this business world.

Today, we will explore the 23 most compelling child themes for Genesis theme framework that can make your site more appealing, engaging and productive. But, note that you must have Genesis Framework installed before you start using any of the themes mentioned below.


Ansel is an exotic theme when it comes to visual look. It is clean, polished and extremely responsive WordPress photography theme. It is a website executed in a very expertise manner built only for photography websites.

It may be perfect for every kind of photography websites with a unique, memorable and effective visual styling which is then marked by boldly open visual fields. It is mainly made to maintain the purity of the high-resolution photography.


As the name itself says, it is the perfect for the authors. It is an outstanding, remarkable and powerful WordPress theme. Combining the beautiful theme with the renowned Genesis Framework for better customization of the author’s website and offer robust technological features to the website can be the best thing done for the best results.

This is the theme for every writer be it a novel writer, journalist, or any form of a writer for published work as it will provide several relevant online libraries for your material.

Altitude Pro

Looking for a professional looking website? Here is a perfect theme for your website, Altitude Pro. It is a minimalist and user-friendly website theme which makes the development process effortless and quick.

The installation of the theme is simple and contains important features which allow you to customise the look of your website design. The theme has its higher focus towards mobile responsiveness of the website. This theme assures the viewers wonderful experiences.

Whitespace Pro

This theme is for those who need a simple and minimalist design for their website. It would help you build a clean website with just a few clicks. The theme layout exudes a clear sense of credibility. It is an user-friendly website with easy setup. It comes with a very fluid layout which would run flawlessly on all types of devices.

Agentpress Pro

Being a real estate agent, it is necessary to understand the powerful role played by aesthetics at the time of pitching a sale. Humans have the mentality to value those things that make a good first impression, so every seller makes sure that his website puts its best at the very first sight.

For taking full advantage of the client-friendly website, make use of AgentPress Pro theme and create your own unique online status.

Remobile Pro

This theme is a product with a potential to fuel your financial ascension. It has a custom background, theme options, landing page, HTML5 markup, custom headers and works properly with every kind of mobile devices. While selecting your website’s typeface, choose carefully as it determines its accessibility and user friendliness. This theme frees your hands so that you can concentrate on developing your product.

Agency Pro

This theme is the mixture of a standard theme along with innovative framework. In this competitive online environment, every kind of help needed by you can be received here with the help of this theme. Professionalism and integrity are the bases of this theme.

Centric Pro

The aim behind this theme was to boost your chances of success. Even though its name is no common one, it reflects the core motto of the theme which is to bring your web page to the centre of the attention of the visitors. It is not bad to seek this attention if you want to achieve the attention with excellent design.

Lifestyle Pro

It is a theme with full of features at a reasonable price. You can find 6 colour options, featured images, custom background, footer widgets, threaded comments, custom headers and a well-optimised design which would help you in building a successful website.

Ambiance Pro

If you have an online profile, you have are responsible for producing quality content consistently. For this, you need a strong support by the theme. A theme which can add an extra layer to the content. It consists a practical purpose.

Modern Portfolio Pro

This comes with an extra layer of accessibility, as it works both with the desktop as well as mobile. Its design includes custom menus, fixed width, footer widgets, theme customization options along with some landing page templates.

Education Pro

Gone are those days, when the knowledge was supposed to be locked in books on the shelves of the rich, nowadays, in this world of internet, knowledge of anything is just a click away. But sometimes, it’s the responsibility of the website owner to present the information in an interesting way. Education pro is a theme which would help you to create your content more fun to love and interesting.

Streamline Pro

This theme includes a multitude of features other than including Genesis framework. It contains 3 layout options, custom menus, 3 colour styles, custom headers, HTML5 markup, custom backgrounds, featured images, theme options and a series of demos and tutorials to get you up to speed.

Executive Theme


Executive Theme is a brilliant Genesis child theme that allows businesspeople and engineers to showcase their projects and portfolio to their targeted web audience with an objective to encourage them.

With the help of this theme, you can create a highly-impressive site and showcase your best work or projects to your clients and customers. It is a fully customizable theme that allows you to change the settings, content, color scheme of a theme the way you want. You can also see a down of those amendments in real time. The Executive Theme offers some of the great features including:

  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Customizable header
  • Comprehensive theme options
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Homepage widget areas and a lot more.

Parallax Pro


Parallax Pro is an ideal choice for business or portfolio websites who want to showcase their work, projects and portfolio to their web customers in an engaging way.

It is the best theme if you want to convert your visitors into potential customers via a robust call to action button. You can draw the attention of your visitors and encourage them to stay longer on your site using Parallax pro’s advanced features. It is a fully responsive theme that works smoothly on different devices and screen sizes. Plus, it offers some of the exciting features such as:

  • Parallax scrolling
  • HTML5 markup
  • Custom header
  • Footer widgets
  • Theme options, etc

Modern Blogger

Modern Blogger is a third party child theme for genesis. It is an incredible theme for those who are running the personal or commercial blogs. You can create a blog for business, healthcare, entertainment, technology, etc.

It is one of the best mobile-friendly and secured child themes that allow users to build beautiful and engaging blogs in a matter of few minutes. The theme has developed in portfolio page with an objective to display your capabilities in an efficient manner.

Features of Modern Blogger theme are:

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Highly Customizable
  • E-Commerce ready
  • Theme options
  • Inbuilt templates and much more.

Lifestyle Pro

Lifestyle Pro is a stylish genesis child theme that allows lifestyle associated bloggers and e-magazines to create a beautiful and elegant site with ease.

This is a 100 percent responsive theme that looks amazing on different devices, mobile platforms, and screen sizes. You can use this theme to showcase your content such as articles, and engaging videos, without any heavy lifting.

Features of lifestyle pro:

  • 6 color styles
  • Custom background
  • 6 layout options
  • Threaded comments
  • Featured images, etc

Foodie Theme

Food is no more a necessity nowadays. Making food and seeking out culinary opportunities has become a passion. Foodies have been increasing since the arrival of the pursuit of quality dining. It is expected that these foodies can demand an equally impressive theme for their own website.

If you are looking for a theme for your food or cookery based website, then you should choose the Foodie Theme, offered by genesis theme framework.

It is beautiful, captivating and stylish child theme that offers a clean and sharp design that can help you showcase your images or content in an attractive manner. It is one of the most flexible Genesis themes that offer a minimalist style and thousands of color and typography options.

Overall foodie pro has gained the approval of many foodies as it truly caters to their needs. It is a responsive, sleek, versatile theme that includes a lot of useful customization options.

Features of Foodie Theme:

  • Six layout options
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Themes options
  • HTML5 markup
  • Theme options, etc

Swank Theme

It is one of the most-recognized child themes of genesis, used to showcase portfolio and high-quality images.

With the install of Swank theme, you can enhance the overall look and feel of your site, without generating a single line of code. You can customize the color, font size, featured image and a lot more using this robust theme.

Features of Swank Theme:

  • 100 % responsive
  • Custom header
  • Translation ready
  • Pre-made templates
  • Highly-customizable

Swank theme is an ideal option for home décor organizations, freelance designers and interior decorators who want to showcase their piece of art to the clients and customers.

Genesis News Pro

This theme proves that getting up to date doesn’t mean boring. For a news website, quality of content is always a burden. But with News Pro, it becomes easier to deliver the updates with a particular style. Developers have incorporated many effects and paved the way for a video and image-heavy website.

News Pro is a perfect theme for online news portals, e-magazines and other media publishing organizations who wants to deliver the information across the nation in the most engaging and compelling way.

The theme supports the different types of content, including articles, audio, and video, along with visually- appealing design and quick and simple navigation. You can use this theme to elevate the design and functionality of your site to the higher level.

Features of News Pro:

  • 5 color styles
  • 6 custom layouts
  • Custom menu and custom background
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • HTML5 Markup and a lot more.

Magazine Pro

Magazine Pro is an excellent child theme of genesis. It is mainly designed for fashion and lifestyle blogs and sites.

This is a theme with a very modern and stylish look, with an integrated media-friendly design. It has everything which can be required by a magazine entrepreneur to build a beautiful online presence. It offers featured images, 4 colour styles, custom menus, fixed width displays, theme options and custom headers.

The theme comes with a plenty of advanced features and customization options to help you create a customized site quickly and easily. It is a highly flexible theme that allows you to showcase your content in the form of articles, blog posts, images and even videos in a visually appealing style.

Features of Magazine Pro:

  • Four color styles
  • Custom header
  • Fixed width
  • Featured images
  • Six layout options, etc

Metro Pro

This is a stylish, advanced and beautiful magazine style child theme for genesis. It offers social features and a robust “about the author” widget that allows site owners to set up their own brand across the web.

Metro includes three column widgetized footer to allow you to encourage more readers whenever they visit your site or scroll your content.

Features of Metro Pro

  • 5 color styles
  • Landing page template
  • Custom menu
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • HTML5 Markup and a lot more.

Enterprise Pro

Enterprise Pro is also a fantastic genesis child theme that allows businesses to show off their work, projects, and portfolio in an engaging way.

This genesis child theme is a perfect blend of technology with accessibility. It contains the hallmark which means that it can make even the riskiest business venture a sure thing. It is consistent as well as a reliable theme. This is the perfect match for those who are looking for the professional website along with the eye-catching look.

With the use of this theme, you can build a unique and impressive brand image in the web marketplace with ease. This theme helps you serve the organizational goals swiftly and efficiently.

Features of Enterprise Pro

  • 6 color styles
  • Custom background
  • 6 layout options
  • Fixed width
  • Featured images, etc


These are the 23 most reliable and robust genesis child themes that can help you serve the purpose more effectively and efficiently. You can choose the best theme as per your business needs and specifications.

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  2. Metro Pro is indeed the best genesis child theme I ever had. It’s super easy to customize and I am using it on my main technology blog.

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