10 Best Plugins To Convert WordPress Site Into Awesome Android App

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Do you want to see spikes in your daily traffic statistics, if so then why not create an Android app of your WordPress site.

Registering a mere online presence through a WordPress website is not enough in this era of mobile phones and mobile apps. In addition to a website that targets the desktop users, mobile apps across popular operating systems have also become mandatory to target billions of mobile users that are growing at an unprecedented rate and have already surpassed the desktop users.

The internet traffic is rapidly shifting to the mobile device and your website will not be an exception when close to 70% of the users now prefer mobile apps to access content online. Hence, it is the high time when every website owner has to make the move from website to mobile app.

Great Plugins To Convert WordPress Site Into Android App

plugins to convert wordpress site into awesome android app

When your business is represented online through a WordPress website, converting it to a mobile app is not an uphill task thanks to some plugins available that do the trick.

You no longer have to create separate mobile apps for different mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc. and spend a fortune in the process. The WordPress plugins take away the pains of hiring developers experts in different languages and frameworks.

While some of these plugins are available free of cost, there are others that need you to shell in some money to own them.

The most popular of all WordPress to mobile app converter plugins has been the AppPresser. It is designed for the developers; however, the aim is to create a mobile app from the WordPress website. Apart from the very popular AppPresser, we will talk about other such plugins that ease the process of WordPress website conversion to the mobile app.



It is one of the leading WP plugins that aids in converting any WordPress website into a mobile app. Websites ranging from news, e-commerce, magazines, and blog, etc. can be converted to mobile apps.

This gives you an edge over your rivals and sooner you do it, better the prospects would be. The price of AppPresser starts from $199 for 5 apps and goes up to $499 for up to 25 apps.




IdeaPress comes with an easy to follow app builder and you can create the app on the IdeaPress website itself. All you need to do is to install a plugin that accesses the content for app building and also for the app.

This plugin provides the JSON API that interacts with your CMS and fetches the content. Although there are limitations in terms of content display, it is worth to try at $69.



Mobiloud is easy to use mobile app builder plugin; however, the functionalities are limited. You can have some design modifications and also add items to the menu, select the content that appears on the homepage and also enable push notifications.

Live app preview can be seen to get a true feel; however, audio files are not handled by the preview. The users do not get an HTML app option with this plugin. The price of Mobiloud plugin is on a higher side at $960 for a year.




Worona is one of the most cost-effective Mobile app builders for WordPress websites. With this plugin, you can easily convert your blog to a feature-rich app quite easily.

The plugin is free and the only cost that the users need to bear is for registering a developer’s account on Google’s PlayStore and Apple’s iStore. There are several extensions supported by the app that include push notifications and enhanced list.


Mobile App Converter WordPress Plugin

It is again a great choice to have your WordPress website converted to a mobile app without the knowledge of any programming language.

Mobile App converter converts websites to mobile apps instantly; however, the website to be converted must be a responsive one. If your website is not responsive, Mobile App Converter will not be of any use. Support is also available for the plugin.

WiziApp – WordPress Android & iPhone Plugin

WiziApp is a WordPress plugin that lets you create HTML web apps for your WordPress websites with utmost ease. As soon as you install the Wiziapp plugin, it starts to create the app.

The time consumed in the app generation depends directly on the size of the website. The status of the app can be seen on the progress bar. HTML apps can be created for free using WiziApp, but if you wish to build an app for Android and iOS, you need to buy the Pro plan that comes for $199 (Android and iPhone) and $299 (for Android, iPhone, and iPad).



MobApper plugin helps to creates native mobile aopps with similar ease as it creates a website. You need to make your website responsive and then the plugin will create the mobile app for your website.

Understanding of a programming language is not required with MobApper. It can create apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile. This is one of the few plugins that has support for Windows phone. Also, it has the feature to enable the app display content when offline.



UppSite converts WordPress websites to mobile app instantly thanks to its easy to use interface. These apps can be customized for platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. There are the paid premium and deluxe accounts that can be subscribed to run ads on the apps.

WP Touch Plugin

This is not exactly a plugin that converts your WordPress website into a mobile but makes it mobile-friendly. The website will be able to cater the mobile visitors and also pass the Google’s mobile test, thus providing the SEO advantage to your website. There is a pro version for enhanced support and themes.



Using JoeMobi, you can easily create native apps for your WordPress website. The plugin simply gives you an API that retrieves the content from the website and displays on the app.

There is not much to the plugin as it also does not offer any preview of the app and the publishing time is too long for an hour. JoeMobi lets you build apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. To purchase this plugin, you have to shell out a one-time fees of $1499, which makes it expensive.

Wrap Up

You can choose between any of these WordPress plugins depending on the budget and size of the WordPress website. These plugins provide an API that is used by the app to access the content on the website and show it on the mobile app.

Some of these apps add the functionalities in the admin panel itself while others need to be configured on their respective websites. Whatever be the case, these plugins make the conversion from WordPress website to mobile app an effortless affair.

10 thoughts on “10 Best Plugins To Convert WordPress Site Into Awesome Android App

  1. Hi Bryan, thank you for including Worona in your list. Our goal is to make a better mobile experience for everyone. We hope you guys enjoy what we are building as much as we do!

  2. First of all thanks for this awesome post. Mobiloud is truly the easiest wordpress plugins to convert your website into android app or iOS app. One of the greatest feature of Mobiloud is the ability to convert your website into the app within few minutes while giving you full control over how you want to display your latest posts, the splash image, the favicon as well as custom name to your app.

    I have been using Mobiloud for more than six months and I have used it on more than six different blogs and all of them are now on Google play store.

  3. AppPresser is the ultimate wordpress plugin to convert your website into android app. This plugin not only support custom post types but also supports shortcodes. Everything you have on your website, from custom pages, custom scripts, custom shortcodes, custom post types, mobile responsive design, I mean everything gets converted into native android app feature.

    This is something which almost all of its competitors miss and it makes it stand among the crowd and I think that’s the reason why you have listed it on the 1st position in your list.

    Thanks for this awesome informative post.

  4. Plus one for AppPresser from my side. I have been using it for more than 1 year and since it has evolved a lot. Their has been so many updates and so many bug fixes and the bets part, updates are free.

    Using this plugin is really easy. All you need to do is to provide the url of your blog and even if your leave all the settings to default you will get 100% functional native android app for your blog which will get accepted in Google play store within maximum 1 week.

  5. You have listed WP Touch Plugin, But I think it is a wordpress plugin worth $0 value. Today their are thousands of professional wordpress theme available for free of cost which are 100% responsive and fast. Then why should you waste your money on something like this which does nothing but just add extra load of stylesheets to your website and make your site more slow.

  6. Hi,

    I am sorry for this very basic question.

    When you transform your site in an app, does it gets updated when you change your site? I mean automatically updated.

    Thanks a lot!


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