10 WordPress Anti Spam Plugins To Save Your From Spammers

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WordPress websites and blogs has always been target of internet spammers. Here’s 10 powerfulwordpress anti spam plugins to help protect your blogging journey spam free.

Today it has become extremly easy to set up a bot to automatically publish unworthy comments and urls on your posts. All thanks goes to those superb software developers who call themeselves exterpuner. But they really don’t know how hard it’s for novice bloggers and some times even for professionals to handle all those junks.

10 great wordpress anti spam plugins you should check out.

But after reading this post you don’t need to worry for those junks and spammers. So get ready to clean your database and to make your blog more user friendly.

Great WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins

For this post I have selected 10 add ons considering their popularity and features. They all perform the same task but with different accuracy rate and different detection system. Furthermore they are free to use and modify.

You can instantly put control on spammers, both humans & bots. After using them your comment section will be free of junk contents. You will notice increase in your blog’s speed because of clean database. And finally you will save hours that you can use for improving your contents and social presence.


Akismet anti spam wordpress plugin for bloggers

It’s the only wordpress anti spam plugin which is bundled along with every wordpress zip folder or self installation. This proves its importance and accuracy. By this time it has been downloaded more than 17,205,146 times and almost every blogger is using it.

Akismet is not like other plugins which perform all detection and analysis using your server’s resources. Instead it ask you to first register a free account and then uses cloud based detection using it’s server resources.

This means whenever anyone try to publish any comment on your post, it will be first analyzed and then will be saved as comment or spam on your website database. This in turn allows you to automatically identify the junks and makes it easy for you to delete them all.


NIX Anti Spam Light

It’s very simple and yet very powerful plugin. It doesn’t put any load on your servers while stopping almost every spambot. Actually its uses the power of javascript to verify and to detect all no browser based comment submissions.

This means if any comment is submitted without any refferer source then it will be marked as spam. And the best part is that you don’t have to make any custom settings in your dashboard. Furthermore your readers are not provided with any captcha or math calculations thus encouraging them to share their suggestions on your articles.


Anti spam by cleantalk

cleantalk anti spam wordpress plugins

A powerful plugin which uses cloud based detection system supported by clean talk services. Whenever any user try to push their suggestion, the data is first send to the cloud server and then it sends the command to either approve or deny the comment.

This means there is no external load on your servers and you get spam free dashboard. This plugin detection system is completely hidden to every visitors and thus it doesn’t hinder their surfing experience. Furthermore it encourages your readers to share their comments by not providing them with any captcha or mathematics calculation based protection.

Remember that this plugin is free to use for only 14 days. And after that you need to purchase the API starting at $4.99 for a year.

CleanTalk WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin

En Spam

Completly powered by JavaScript and browser cookie based detection system. We all know that bots doesn’t use the comment field for entering there so good suggestions. And here’s where they are caught.

En spam creates a JavaScript layer and uses the cookie in order to verify whether the comment submitted is shared by real human or not. For all those visitors who have disabled the cookie or the JavaScript, they are directed to another page.

En Spam


This plugin is very popular in this category and is usually regarded as the first defense against spam. It’s a free tool for all those bloggers, webmasters, internet marketers and companies who are using wordpress as content management system.

This addon used their detection system and then finally identify whether the person submitting the comment is a spammer or not. The IP and the email is first matched with the database from honeypot and then from local blacklist or local IP cache.

Further more this plugin offers lots of settings and customization options. Overall its a complete solution and is free to use.


All these ten anti-spam wordpress plugins are great for both professional and new bloggers. With them it simply doesn’t matter how much visitors or comments your website receive each day, as they are light on server resources and so won’t affect your page load time.

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