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Here’s 10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins For 2015 – 2016

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  1. I have used All in one SEO and Yoast for two of my blogs. Per my experience, All in One SEO is performing compared to other SEO plugins. All in ONE SEO and YOAST works very well, bloggers can choose anyone of it.

  2. I preffer WordPress SEO by Yoast.

    All In One Seo Pack:
    – there is no posibility to set tag Title, Description for Categories
    – there is no posibility to set noindex, nofollow for pages, posts

  3. Being a beginer blogger, I like to use All in one seo plugin together with Squirrly seo plugin. They work great together. One of them I use it for settings and the other one for writing my content. Plus, using these two I can monitor my progres 🙂 Yoast seems to be too complicate for me (as a beginer).

  4. Hi, I went through your post as i am using Yoast SEO plugin for my website but i am wondering i can not see the same tittle in the Google Search Result as it is on the site. If you know what’s wrong please do let me know.

  5. I’d say SEOpressor is the best SEO plugin. But when it comes to free, SEO yoast would be a right choice instead of AIO SEO.

  6. my choice is SEOProcessor it is very easy to understand as a newbe

  7. Is SEO Pressor really worth the money? Please give honest reviews. I hear different opinions. Many webmasters praise it (because of a lucrative affiliate program of SEO Pressor). Presently I use Yoast.

  8. I am not just promoting it over here, I also use it personally. This plugin is premium because it helps to save your time while optimizing your articles. It gives you keyword suggestion and then accordingly help you to optimize your posts. It also helps to generate LSI keywords from Google and Bing database.

  9. WordPress seo by yoast is better than All in one seo, webmaster tools, google+ authorship etc options is just awesome.

  10. Does your site have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d
    like to send you an e-mail. I’ve got some creative ideas for
    your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way,
    great blog and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

  11. I’ve been using SEO by Yoast for a long time now and am very happy with that. I would recommend it to everyone. Quite easy to pick up with a helpful guide written by them to get you started. Gives you good insights into what to fix on your pages to rank higher too.

  12. SEO by yoast is the best for free but for paid SEO plugins, I think you should check out seopressor and 1clickseo.

  13. Hey!

    Thanks for sharing this. Personally, I used SEOpressor and that is not bad at all. Pretty impressive and very easy to use for a newbie.

    Great list and appreciate the share!

  14. Hey, do you have any comparison between the SEOprofessor and other SEO plugins?
    As to my knowledge, Yoast is having some issues with Woocommerce.
    Thanks for reply

  15. For me Yoast SEO is the best wordpress plugin I worked with.

  16. undoubtedly, wordpress seo by yoast is the best of all. For me, its very simple to understand and is very interactive as well.

  17. my site is just used as a personal blog more or less… at least that is what it has turned into. Before i knew it i had some 30+ plugins running all at once, somehow still wondering why my page speed was so slow… LMAO. Its silly i know, but sometimes you just don’t realize how much stuff gets built up over time, and if you are a struggling full time college student like me – its easy to get behind & let your plugins get out of control… so just wanted to say thanks for the great post, i found you by asking google what are the ONLY wordpress plugins i need running, and from reading your post i learned a few extra things i wasnt expecting about w3 total cache… Thanks

  18. i think the best one is yoast seo plugin. Very user friendly, and so many features are there like title & description , social media, permalink, inner page link structure etc. You can also add title & description to each inner pages.

  19. This page has a clickbank link for SEOProcessor and not the other reviewed products, therefore it’s actually an advertisement masquerading as a product comparison. Don’t be fooled.

  20. Yes the post has an affiliate link and let me tell you I am not asking anyone to buy it nor I am saying its the most ” PERFECT ” among the list. Actually if you click on the link you will get full fledged 14 days trial.

    It has inbuilt LSI keyword research system which is not available in any free plugin, if you know about it then please let me know.

    It can automatically handle you internal links which is only possible with another premium plugin, if any free plugin can do it then please let me known again.

    Similarly there are so many other features which can’t be compared.

    I have listed this plugin in my post only because it deserves to be in the list.

  21. WordPress SEO by Yoast is such an awesome plugin. I usually prefer that only. Thanks for shearing list of all plugins.

  22. For a plugin that will bring in more traffic to your blog and increase engagement with readers, Benchmark Email Lite is a good choice for that. It allows you the ability to perform target marketing straight off your WordPress dashboard. You can install an email sign-up form onto any page (it actually scans the colors of your page and adjusts itself so that it blends seamlessly into your theme) so you are building an email list of followers, track down analytics, and even send previews of your blogs posts straight into your readers’ inboxes.

    All this works so that you can create campaigns for each group of followers, such as a Welcome and introductory email for those who just subscribed to your blog, or a fun giveaway or newsletter. When you increase interactions, other than just them reading your blog but you are reaching out to them too, it will increase your blog’s presence…and what blogger doesn’t want that?

  23. We have been using All-In-One SEO for 2 months now and are ranked on the 2nd and about to be 3rd page with keywords “Pet Directory”. We tried Yoast but it did not meet the expectations that were needed to rank better, so we went with Squirrly SEO (extremely recommended). Other plugins listed we don’t use and have amazing results from just these two plugins I listed.

    NOTE TO ADMIN VIEWING THIS: Please delete the first comment as our title was spelled wrong.

  24. Thanks Vivek, there are a great list of WP SEO Plugins
    btw, i prefer to use AIOSP than WP SEO by Yoast

  25. Hi!
    Does Google sitemaps plugin make xml Gz file?
    and is there any different between xml site map from all in one seo pack and Google sitemaps generator ?

  26. WordPress SEO by Yoast works for me thanks for share!

  27. I’ve tried all of them and I actually use WP SEO, SEO friendly images and the newest one Squirrly SEO which is really cool! You should check it out, I use it and my articles are optimized fast. I am not affiliated in any way, just a happy customer that wanted to spread the word about it

  28. I agree that Squirrly is a great wordpress seo plugin and I have tried it on many websites. But what I personally don’t like about this plugin is it’s high standard PRICE tag for it’s low standard interface and equivalent features. I think you might have heard about scribe, if you have used squirrly then you must give a try to scribe and SEOPressor plugin. Both of them have great interface, features and are value to money.

  29. Really one of the most perfect list of wordpress seo plugins for bloggers. I have been using wordpress seo by yoast for more than 4 years and I must say that the developer has done a good job in maintaining and promoting this plugin. As far as SEO pressor is considered, I have used it on two of my personal blogs and it really helped me optimize my posts to a perfect level. It’s not like yoast plugin which gives you Google keyword suggestions instead it provides you with real LSI keywords for which I other services charge $30 or more. So I must say that SEOPressor is a must to have wordpress seo plugin for serious bloggers.

  30. I’ve used Yoast few times and I think it is a great SEO plugin. The only
    thing I am not satisfied about it is that it focuses on only 1 keyword.
    Maybe that is for the better but I don’t know as I am not expert SEO
    guy. SEO pressor’s inbuilt keyword research, multiple keyword and LSI, smart linking are great. You’ve spent some time to write the article and it is really interesting and useful, thanks for sharing.

  31. Why isn’t google analytics by yoast included? I definitely would include it for my list. And also wp super cache better performs on my server than wp total cache. Great list and yeah helpful too.

  32. This list has been crafted considering the factors that directly influence the SEO, like page speed, social shares, optimization… Google analytics by yoast is just a plugin which allows you to track clicks on individual links and track your overall website visitors.. but it’s just an alalytic tool and noting more.

    You said wp supercache works better on your server than w3 total cache, I am eager to know your server’s configuration.

  33. I have used all of them in my site (1 site with 1 of that plugins), and i think for paid plugins you must consider to put Premium Seo Pack from AA Team, i think it’s very complete plugins and have a feature that other plugins didn’t have.

  34. There are so many SEO plugins but I always prefer wordpress SEO by Yoast and all in SEO. These two have got most of the features needed for SEO.

  35. Wow! Its very nice and full informative article Vivek. I enjoyed it. I think “WordPress SEO By Yoast” is best in my concern. I haven’t used all the plugin you listed but I going to try all them.

  36. Nice post . I prefer SEO by Yoast for experts and All in one SEO pack for beginners

  37. Hello,
    Thank you for sharing this article and plugins.
    I developed a plugin for my own use, but I just publish it on wordpress.
    My plugin “Bulk SEO Image” is useful to update all ALT attributes of your images in one clic (for example, with the post title)
    Compared to other plugin, the plugin changes the ALT attribut in one time, and is not called when a page is loading

    I expect a lot of updates in the future, and I welcome any feedback!

  38. Yoast seo is full of features but it’s slow and it loads your server heavily… aware of that if you are on a shared hosting….

  39. I’m currently using FV Simpler SEO the more easy variant of All In One SEO Pack to crank op the google rating of my essential oil website . I’m not having too much luck right now though. Anyone has more experience with FV Simpler SEO vs All In One SEO Pack vs Yoast?

  40. Thanks for this nice and informative post. Few plugins you mentioned in this post I used before and now I want some automated SEO optimization plugins. If you know about that please place a reply. It will be a great help for me.

  41. You can try using SEOPressor plugin, it is fully automatic wordpress seo plugin.

  42. Its very informative article. I’m using Weordpress SEO by Yoast. When its shows green flag to me, I stop optimizing the content.
    Thanks for your article .

  43. Search Engine Optimization is quite alive and kicking. Any rumors of it being dead are baseless. WordPress, the widely used CMS of our time for websites, have many available plugins for doing site-optimization. However, none come close to Yoast Plugin.

  44. Great list of SEO plugins.For online business, SEO is necessary.Website owners need to integrate these plugins into their website to do SEO.

  45. All these are amazing tools and every blogger should have. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Seems to be great plugin, will surely add it to my list.

  46. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. Personally, I strongly recommend CommentLuv plugin for your blog. I’m using this plugin for my blog, my blog comment system looking good as well as to professional also. Keep giving more useful article.

  47. Thanks for Amazing Blog.
    I have found recently launched the plugin for Blog and I would like to recommend Blog Designer which has features,
    ~ Multilingual Translation Ready
    ~ 15+ Different and Unique Blog Templates
    ~ Fully Customizable Admin Interface
    ~ Import/Export
    ~ Custom Post Type Support
    ~ Revise, edit and reorganize your blog page
    ~ Live Preview
    It’s available in Lite and Pro version.
    Hoping it helps.

    • What an cheap way to promote your product.

  48. hi
    i use custom field for inserting image into my posts with title of post as its alt & title
    but my visitors from google image is almost 0
    is it because of using custom field for inserting images?
    is there any better way?
    i really appreciate if you can check my website about this problem:
    thanks in advance

  49. I want plugin for login, logout and user registration functionality with custom fields.
    plz suggest me which is that?

  50. Hello guys,

    First of all this isn’t spamming or robot writing. I just think this would fit well with the topic
    Well we just released our plugin called Adminyo – Intelligent WP Admin
    and it features quite a lot of bold and unique tools to speed and ease time while working inside the Admin Area.

    His main powers are:
    Quick Search – It will display a organized list of your results while your are typing. You also get 3 buttons near every result so you can edit,view or create a shortcut on your dashboard of the desired result.
    Pin to Dashboard – Create shortcuts of your most viewed or edited posts so you can instantly start working after you login. It supports all Custom Post Types.
    Floating Action Button – It will add a nice fixed action button on the edit pages so you can update,view,pin or scroll on top right at your finger tip.
    Misc. Tools – Adds small functions such as CTRL+S to save your progress in any of the post types, CTRL+D that will get you to the dashboard from anywhere or just customize your Admin menu with a auto-collapse function or completly hiding it.

    For more informations , demo or simply check some GIF’s please visit us at

    We are really looking forward on developing this plugin and make it based on the community’s wishes and frustrations so any helpfull advice or idea may come to life.

    Thanks for your time and have a great day reader!

  51. I’m running my wordpress site, but want to ask something about SEO plugins, please tell me can I use two SEO plugins at same time. I want to use Yoast and Easy SEO plugins.

  52. you have explained all the plugins very well. but i am still confused in ‘all in one seo pack plugin’ and ‘wordpress seo plugin’ by yoast. which one is best to optimize our website? i was using wp seo and then i have shifted to all in one seo pack. now i m confused which one should i use to better optimization. can you help me out?

  53. I really love the wp seo by Yoast, but am curious whether or not anyone has the premium (paid version) and what the results have been for them.
    Also, is benchmark email lite free?

  54. Vivek, thank you for listing up interesting plugins.
    I was wondering if you know any Keyword Research Tool plugins for WordPress.

  55. Great list… I only knew 5 of them!

    I’ve been using them for a while… they do work just fine!

  56. Thanks for this list! I didn’t know about some of the plugins listed here.

    Right now I’m using The SEO Framework in most of my websites getting pretty good results.

  57. Hi Vivek,

    Firstly congratulation for nice sharing.

    My most favorite SEO plugin is all in one SEO.

  58. I agree that SEO is really a vast field, it requires very deep knowledge. I really loved the blog. Keep sharing amazing blogs.

  59. Nice list bro and am using all of these now. I always love to read this blog

  60. People are saying crap about Google Authorship and it hasn’t been around for months. Just because SEO Yoast offers it for non existent thing anymore, does not make it better. Sorry, but that is just stupid to say it is better for that. Plus, it is one of the most complicated SEO plugins. You basically for one post or page could spend hours just setting up the SEO with that plugin and do just as much or easier with All In One. Go ahead and spend all that time for that plugin. I like things simple.

    • Yes, you are correct, have you used all in one seo is really the easiest plugin to setup.

  61. HI,
    I am using WordPress SEO by Yoast and i am satisfied with it as compare to All in one SEO, I have a question which arises into my mind that, Some Plugins are out dated or not compatible with the latest or current version of WordPress, or these are not updated from many years, Can we use these plugin on our blog is they work or have any issue ??

    • I am not 100% sure that all of these plugins will work with latest wordpress 4.5 version, but most of them will work like SEO friendly images, seopressor etc. Thanks for your comment.

  62. Nice article Vivek!
    SEO is very important and it is a very vast field and requires great knowledge to master it as you mentioned. The SEO plugins you mentioned in the post are excellent from SEO points of view. You can also add WordPress social sharing plugins to the list. These plugins help your readers to share your content that improves your social presence.

  63. Hi Vivek!
    If I install All in One SEO pak can I also install WP Social without a conflict or slowing down my site too much?
    Also will All in One slow it down much?
    I tried Yoast’s SEO but it bogged down my site too much.

  64. The most revered SEO plug-ins for WordPress is WordPress SEO by Yoast. This takes cares of title tags, XML sitemaps, meta descriptions, focus, keyword and etc. If you are using WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin as your main SEO plugin, you may have noticed they don’t have a HTML sitemap feature. This plugin is the answer to that problem.

    • Yes are very correct that wordpress by Yoast plugin is good, but its is heavy and forces you to use its services even when you don’t want to. Like if you deactivate its sitemap module and install any other traditional sitemap plugin like simple google sitemap, it will give you warning to disable it. This is something which is not okay, especially for such a popular plugin.

  65. Hi

    All In One SEO Pack doesn’t have rich schema in the free WordPress version.

    Also I was wondering if a rank reveal is having a WordPress plugin ? As far as I know its a SEO service from Daniel Tan.

  66. wow nice list bro, as per SEO i prefer “The All in one SEO Plugin” and as per anything new ama love to use , i would try WP SOCIAL SEO BOOSTER WORDPRESS PLUGIN, i dont know if its paid, or as promising as you wrote ,but am sure its worth giving a try, and ama try it on my blog asap.. thanks i always love your articles.

  67. Nice list of WordPress seo plugin. SEOPressor is out of the box seo plugin. I really like the seopressor, yoast seo and premium seo pack.

  68. Project Supremacy should definitely be on this list just based on the amount of user results from using the plugin. It’s got 7 core functions: Keyword/Comp Research, JSON-LD Schema, EXIF Geo Tagging, Affiliate Link Manager, Content Curator, Time Saving Short Codes, Remote Control. Amazing plugin, and has a 2 week free trial, but it’s not free.

  69. Hi There,

    I am planning to buy a video SEO plugin. I searched for reviews and found very little material. Since Yoast has more authority I was thinking to go with their plugin. After seeing your recomendation on Ultimate, I do not know which one to choose. Would you know their differences? Thanks a lot!

  70. Hi,

    Any info on video SEO by Yoast? How does it compare with Ultimate Video SEO?

    • I use SEO Framework instead of Yoast, mainly because yoast consumes a lot more ram and offers too complicated interface.

      Video seo by yoast and Ultimate Video SEO performs the same task. The only difference is their price. Yoast products are always too costly.

  71. I recommended yoast seo free version. If you are plan to to buy any premium seo plugin then I recommended SEOPressor.

  72. Thanks For The Well Curated List Of WordPress SEO Plugins! For Me, I Use All In One SEO Plugin On My Blog. I’ve Tried Other Plugins But Decided To Stick With It.

    ==> All In One SEO Is Lightweight
    Unlike Yoast SEO Which Sucks Up My Shared Hosting SEO And Makes My Blog Crash, All In One SEO Is Very Lightlight And Has Minimal Performance On My Server While Giving Me The Same Stuffs People Get With Yoast SEO.

    SEO By Squirrly , SEO Ultimate, And Others Are Just New Kids In The Block. Although SEO Squirrly Is Designed For Better SEO Content , My Issues With SEO Squirrly Is Because It Only Provides Little Improvements On My SEO Compared To All In One SEO.

    Also, I Am Considering Using WP Social Seo Booster Which Is One Of The Plugins On Your List And Form The Information, It Seems To Blend In Well With All In One SEO. I Will Stop Here. Thanks Again!

    I Am Commenting From Techviber.Com

  73. SEO by Yoast and All in one SEO pack both my favorite WordPress SEO plugins. But I feel more comfort to use Yoast SEO. It is really awesome and usefull sEO plugins. The most important factor it is totally free for any user.
    Specially the newbies get more benefits from this excellent plugin. This plugin also very easy to use. It shows you how to fix all on page SEO in you post before publishing. Thanks for your informative article.

  74. Hi vivek it’s really fantastic job . You just eased the work for any SEO professional. Some tools i am already used but will try on the rest which appeared new for me.