Top 10 Powerful & Useful WordPress Shortcode Plugins To Make Your Life Easier

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If you want to spice up your blog posts, landing pages then you must use any of the best wordpress shortcode plugins. Shortcode plugins help you to add creative elements like social icons, attractive buttons, tool tips, content columns, horizontal bars, full-width videos, twitter tweets and much more to your content and help to improve their visual appearance.

WordPress shortcode plugins are noting but are just simple custom php arguments with conditional tags but they are presented in more usable form. For example ( [buttons]..[/button] ) rather than the complete <?php function(argument) ?> which are usually hard to remember.

Now if you are using any premium wordpress theme, then you might have noticed that they have inbuilt support for short-codes, but I will suggest having a plugin.

Now the question is why?

Well, the answer is very simple. In the future, you might like to change your theme and thus, you may lose all those creative elements from your content. But if you are using a plugin then their won’t be any impact on your content even if you change your theme.

Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins


There are hundreds and thousands of plugin available for this purpose on wordpress official directory as well as on other marketplaces. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but not all of them are perfect for use. Here I have compiled a list of all those plugins which I personally feel are easy to use and feature loaded.


Shortcodes Ultimate

Now you can easily add different sets of buttons, tabs, and sections into your posts. It also has SEO friendly content tabs which work without any usage of javascript. Additionally, with content layout shortcode you can easily organize your words to specific block. It also has custom bullets icons, drop down section module along with links and social media buttons. So overall with 20+ functions, you get complete power to create the best possible posts with interactive features.

Column Shortcodes

It has been ed more than 90,000 times and has been 5 stars rated by 62 peoples.

This WordPress shortcode plugin gives you the option to create multiple column based content structures within your post. So it means you can divide the post area to accommodate multiple images, videos or texts. In total, there are 10 different column widths present and you can use them all to create unique or custom post structures.

J Shortcodes

Its one among the most ed plugin in its category and it really enhances the look of your post. It has all types of shortcodes like buttons, buttons with icons, tool tips, custom post boxes, accordion. The best part is that you can easily customize their colors, sizes, shapes. It also has support for column based widths, which means you can easily divide the content area width to support multiple texts.

My Shortcodes

This is truly a professional and one of the best WordPress shortcode generator plugin. It allows its users to add custom codes, functions, conditional tags and allow them to convert it as simple and easy to use short code. Now you can use the generated code into posts, pages, sidebar or almost anywhere to execute the desired function.

The best part of using its is that it offers you a completely dedicated environment with template viewing for the development of the codes. It even presents you with the options to those which have been developed by other users. In simple terms, this addon is built for professional developers and not for common bloggers.

Theme Blvd

Its build for the Blvd framework users. This plugin actually helps to expand the framework’s functionality by adding new functions, options, and features to customize the posts and pages. It also helps you to integrate the twitter bootstrap which you might need if you would like to use font awesome. Finally considering its features you get lots of attractive and minimal buttons, alert boxes with different sets of colors and image based icons. It even offers multiple columns, inbuilt slider, tabs and lots of inline elements.

Pro By Matt

Its one of the most advance plugin which can help you to generate custom functions and also allow you to add them to the tinyMCE editor. This feature allows you to create unlimited shortcodes and you don’t even need to remember them as you can set unique icons for them and can set them to post editor. The best part is that it can easily execute custom HTML and PHP codes. It also allows you to create groups to which you can split with the help of separators.


Simple yet elegant elements. You get buttons, call to action boxes, alert, and information area. It also presents you lots of stylish arrows and content based tabs. Overall there are 8 elements related to enhancements of design, 5 different shortcodes to create multiple columns and 5 additional utility related addons.

WP Shortcode Shield

I think its of the most advance and functional plugins as it helps to create self-closing, enclosing as well as verbose forms of shortcodes. Please kindly move to the official page for more information regarding this subject.

Shortcode Collection

Its been designed and developed to offer the simplicity. Its powerful dashboard allows you to see all active shortcodes which are provided from within the plugin and also from your theme. You get the option to either enable them or to disable them. Now when it comes to adding them, just move to your post editor page and in the sidebar, you see a complete list of shortcodes which are available and are functional.

Post Content

This plugin allows you to show one post into another post. That is using it’s [post-content] you can show the article from another post into the post your are working on. Now you are also given lots of parameters and arguments which you can define such as show_image, excerpt_length, and others.

The second one is [post-list] which allows you to show a list of posts from within your blog or website. Again it also supports different parameters and you can define the number of articles to show, you can define the category from which it will, image size, blog id and others.

So these were 10 of the most powerful and easy to use free WordPress shortcode plugins. Use them on your blog and make your articles more attractive and converting.

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