Blogging Warrior A Free Minimal WordPress Theme For Writers

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Presenting to you all my second free WordPress theme, Blogging Warrior. I have submitted it to WordPress directory and is pending review, so if you want to use it now, you can download it from here. And while using it if you face any problem, then please let me know about it through contact form or comments.

Blogging Warrior WordPress Theme

While developing this theme, I thought to create something minimalist, something very similar to the medium platform. It been a year using medium and I like its style of presenting someone’s thought. Its design has great typography, and I like the left and right aligned images which have a bit of a negative margin to them.

So I decided to incorporate their style in my next free WordPress blogging theme and after a week of development, Blogging Warrior is ready to serve all your blogging needs.



I am extremely sorry to say that till now I have not been able to develop a live preview addon for my themes. Till then you can click on the image to see the full preview of blogging warrior.



I have tried to keep the theme as simple as possible. I have also tried to make it fast by not using any heavy JavaScript files.

For the headings and body content, I have used Lato and Merriweather font respectively. Both of them are loaded via Google web font directory and is attached to the theme though WordPress recommended technique.

Blogging warrior theme also comes with custom header feature. The header image will be replaced with the featured image when anyone opens the single post.

To make this theme social media friendly I have added support for social media buttons. You can customize them through your profile page.

Now by looking at the theme, you might feel that their’s only one full-width layout with no sidebar. Well, you are right and also wrong. This theme uses single full-width layout but also has off-canvas sidebar feature. The sidebar widget is easy to customize and is made scrollable. So you can add as many widgets as you like and your visitors can quickly scroll them down.

I wish you all will like this theme and a new pro blogging WordPress theme is coming very soon. Please let me know what you feel about blogging warrior in the comment section.

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