10 Hand Picked Code Editors For Designers & Developers You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

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Despite your immeasurable love and passion for coding, there are certain situations wherein you feel the need of reliable tools that can incredibly improve your project’s basic workflow. As a webmaster, using the right code editor will save you from a lot of headache that’s associated with streamlining the web design and development process.

Bidding adieu to time-consuming downloads and bulky software, code editors ascertain a fast coding experience for novices as well as experts. In this post, I’ve created a handy round-up of ten professional code editors that are a must-checkout for every designer and developer who intends to develop quality code, anywhere at anytime. So, let’s get to the list now!

1. Ace Code Editor For Developers

Written in JavaScript, Ace is an effective code editor which includes features similar to those available in native editors like TextMate, Vim and Sublime. The best part about Ace is that it can be conveniently embedded into any JavaScript application or a web page. Some interesting features available with Ace include: fully customizable key bindings, 20+ themes, highlight matching parentheses, line wrapping, multiple cursors and selections, code folding, live syntax checker etc.

2. Codeanywhere

As one of the most popularly used online code editors, Codeanywhere is compatible with all modern browsers. It comes with a Web IDE which includes all the features similar to the ones available in a Desktop IDE(Integrated Development Environment). Codeanywhere allows you to share your code with fellow coders. Plus, you are also free to share the files, folders or an entire project via a simple URL which can be sent over an IM(Instant Messenger) or an email.

3. Atom

Introduced by GitHub, Atom is a brand new code editor which is free, open source and fully customizable. Loaded with 50 open source packages, Atom is compatible with major operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. Some noteworthy features of Atom include: multiple cursors, snippets, a preferences UI, multiple panes, a file system browser and many more.

4. Hyro

A real-time HTML5 editor, Hyro is lightweight and can be setup quite conveniently. You can use this code editor for managing your web project’s source code effectively. Hyro comes with a live HTML viewer and can be used for both, CSS and JavaScript coding. With this Customizable UI, you can go ahead with changing the primary UI as per your preference. Hyro is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

5. Cloud9

Custom-made for developers, Cloud9 is a flexible cloud IDE where you can write, run and debug your code snippets. Additionally, you can even opt for collaborating publicly or choose to keep your code private. Some awesome features of Cloud9 include a built-in terminal, debugger, split view, run panel, themes, Key Bindings editor, a built-in image editor and many more.

6. ICEcoder

As a browser-based code editor, ICEcoder allows to write code directly within the chosen web browser, either offline or online. In other words, just a single program i.e. your browser will allow you to build websites, followed by enabling you to test the same on actual web servers. Since ICEcoder is a web-based editor, you can use it via any internet-enabled computer system with a contemporary browser. Features which make ICEcoder an excellent code editor include: Type boosters, Find & replace builder, multiple cursors, themes, code hints, visual code diff and many more.

7. SlickEdit

As a multi-platform and multi-language code editor, SlickEdit offers you the convenience of creating, modifying, building and debugging code quickly and accurately. With SlickEdit, you can do the following:

  • Check in and check out from the version control
  • Edit files with size up to 2GB
  • Analyze symbols in addition to a set of tools that includes Class, Symbols, References etc.
  • Preview the definition and formatted XMLdoc/Doxygen comments and Javadoc.

8. Jedit

Compatible with major operating systems like Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X, jEdit is tailored for the professional programmers. This code editor comes with numerous customization options, allowing you to create everything that’s required for the final web product. Moreover, you can also avail the flexibility of copy pasting using an infinite number of clipboards. Stunning features available with jEdit include: auto indent, word wrap, syntax highlighting for 200+ different languages, a fully extensible plugin architecture and a built-in macro language.

9. Bluefish

As a multi-purpose code editor, Bluefish is free and supports a wide array of markup languages. Compatible with platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris etc., Bluefish come with effective features like snippets sidebar, auto-recovery, customizable programming language support, powerful search and replace, unlimited undo/redo, full screen editing, multiple document interface and many more.

10. CodeMirror

CodeMirror is an absolutely versatile text editor that’s implemented in JavaScript for the chosen browser. The speciality of this editor is that it allows you to edit your code in accordance to your specific requirement. Bundled with great add-ons and language modes, CodeMirror serves as an excellent means of implementing advanced code editing projects. High-end features available with CodeMirror include: Code folding, bracket and tag matching, mixing font sizes and styles, configurable keybindings, search and replace interface, inline and block widgets, bi-directional text support etc.


As a programmer, writing neat and reliable codes swiftly might be your sole concern. Thanks to code editors like the ones covered above, keeping a tab on the code snippets has become a breeze. So, don’t delay in embracing these code editors for executing your projects successfully.

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