How to Create A New Page in WordPress Blog

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Creating a new WordPress page is as easy as creating a new blog post. But there is difference between pages and posts which you must know.

Remember that pages are static and you cannot link them to any category or tags. They are excluded from RSS feed, author, and date archive. Whereas blog posts are dynamic in nature and you can attach them to multiple tags, categories. They are automatically linked to specific author and date archive.

One another big difference is that pages are timeless entities. This means that no published date stamp are added to any page in WordPress. Whereas every post can be archived in different sets according to dates and even according to the author, category or tag.

The difference list is a bit long and too much confusing for new bloggers. But as this tutorial is intended for basic or new users, I will move to our main topic.

Create New Page in WordPress

Here’s a simple and probably the most basic video tutorial for you. You can either watch it or can read the explanation which I have provided below the video.

Please follow my instructions properly and I am damn sure you will be ready with your page within next 2 minutes.

  • Login to your WordPress administration panel.
  • Move your cursor above the ” Pages ” button which you will find in the left-hand side menu.
  • From the on hover menu, click on the ” Add New ” link.
  • Now you will be directed to a new window where you will be able to create a new WordPress page.

Over here you will notice that you don’t have any options for adding categories and tags. If you theme support any post format, then you won’t even see that option on this page. So, why this is happening. Well, I have already answered you, pages are intended for static content.

But in order to give more flexibility, considering the usability of pages, WordPress allows you to create page templates. Users can use these templates to add custom design and layout to different pages. For example, the landing page template will not contain any blog post and will consist of the call to action buttons.

Actually, you can create page templates through WordPress functions or you can use WordPress plugin in order to ease up your task.

In the video which I have attached above, I have shown how to create a custom contact me page. In a similar manner you can create other pages as WordPress by default don’t have any limitations.

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