Easy Pricing Table WordPress Plugin : Simple Yet Elegant

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Want to create responsive and elegant pricing tables in wordpress, here is a new wordpress plugin for you.

Pricing tables are essential for ecommerce, small business and even for bloggers. It allows your customers understand the difference between you services, plans, and products. It allows them to find a perfect solution for them without needing to read the complete product information. This in turn helps to improve the conversion rate, which finally pushes money in your pocket.

There are many pricing table wordpress plugins available on internet. However, the problem is that they all load lots of extra js and css files.

If you are using any cdn then your website might not face any serious problems. But those without any cdn support can surely see degradation in their website’s speed. Moreover, considering this problem I am presenting you this awesome little plugin.

Easy Pricing Table WordPress Plugin

It is an awesome new plugin, which allows you create elegant and modern looking tables. It’s a perfect solution for those bloggers who are new to HTML and CSS. Since creating and modifying, any element can be messy, though it’s an interesting task.

easy pricing table manager

JWThemes have developed this plugin and you can see a live demo on their website.

One of the biggest advantage of using this plugin is that you get a powerful control panel. Using its panel, you can customize almost every part of table without touching a single line of code. It also have a smooth hover effect which is powered by CSS.

I think it’s a good news for novice bloggers and even for professionals. After all, who like to tweak the codes every time in order to get a perfect look, especially when you have such a good design panel.

Easy To Handle Settings

Now its time to check the settings and management options. Let’s say you have to create a new table. So now you will have to first install this addon and then in your dashboard you will see a new icon.

If you click on it then you will get a welcome page. On this page you will find all the tables which you will create in future.

Now let’s create a new one. Click on add new table button and you will be directed to new page. As you can see below you have options to add name and details. You can further add custom background, theme and title color. Over here you will also need to set the number of columns you require.

add new pricing table

Once you are completed with filling in the details just click on save table button. After doing so you will have to edit the columns. In the column section, you have to add the pricing details, features, etc. You also get advance settings that allows you to set colors for column background.

add table details

As you can see in the image, you can add unlimited numbers of feature boxes. In each box, you can add the feature of that plan or service. The best part is that you can even customize the call to action text. This text will appear on the button, which will be added at the bottom of the column

manage tables

Furthermore, you have option to set the priority of the column and the button URL. Once you complete with adding the details you can see all your columns with all its features and color in one page. If you want then you can even add more columns by just clicking on the button.

Now its time to add the pricing table in your posts or pages. In order to do so you will have to use its shortcode [easy-pricing-table table_name=”name”]. Over here, the Name is the table’s name that you have added in the first step. The second option to add it is using a widget.

One important point is that the look and feel of the tables are completely dependent on your theme’s design. For example the font family, font style and their weight. So if you want to have a different style then you will have to edit you css manually, Sorry.


I must say that its an easy to use and flexible pricing table wordpress plugin. One of the biggest disadvantage of this plugin is that it’s not truly responsive. If you test it on small screens like smart phones then you will see that the columns do not reduce their width. They all actually move one over another and it looks cluttered.

I think the developer of this plugin must take care of this problem in future updates.

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  1. Hey Vivek,

    Sounds like a great plugin. Really like how easy it is to use even for newbie bloggers.

    Do check out out Plugmatter Pricing Table plugin ( http://plugmatter.com/pricingtable ), we even have a free version on the WordPress repository.

    Btw, we’ve made our pricing tables fully customizable, so you’d have a smooth experience with it. 🙂

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