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Today I am going to introduce you to my new WordPress plugin named fast social share buttons. Crafted with love and passion.

It’s a mobile responsive, CSS driven social media sharing plugin which uses no and I really mean no JavaScript. But still it is 100% functional and tested on multiple WordPress installations with debugging switched on.

It is compatible with WordPress version 4.2 to the latest update 4.5. It is also 99.99% compatible with almost every themes and plugin.

Fast Social Share Buttons

fast social share wordpress plugin

Since I started blogging I have switched to dozens of social media plugins but never used the same for a long time.


Because some were blotted, some used lots of JavaScript and CSS files and some were just too complicated to set up. Overall none of them stood up to my expectations and thus the only way left for me was to develop my own plugin.

But I had a road map for my own personal social media sharing plugin.

  • It should be easy to set up.
  • It must be fast and mobile responsive.
  • It must be elegant and should match to any website design easily.
  • Finally and most important it must be compatible with almost every theme and plugin.

Download From

What the main problem with most social media WordPress plugin

The biggest problem is the extra javascript files, extra DOM, extra CSS styles combined in one plugin and when you use it, it leads to the slower website.

You, I and other millions of webmasters spend a lot to optimize their website for greater performance and speed, wishing that it will improve their conversion.

And then we think about social media promotion and install two if not one social plugin to show attractive mostly non-responsive social buttons. One at the bottom of the post and second which keeps sliding on your website.

Do you know that every button which loads on your web pages loads their own styles and js files? Overall increasing your website page weight by almost 20% to 50% ( depends on how many you use ).

What’s new in my plugin

It’s fast, mobile-friendly and can automatically adapt to the website design. And most importantly, it doesn’t use javascript file like other plugin do. The style which comes with fast social media share buttons is less than 3kb and when minified, its size reduces to 1kb.

So what are you waiting for, download it from official WordPress plugin repository and enjoy speed?

3 thoughts on “Fast Social Share WordPress Plugin – No Javascript

  1. I’ve used this plugin

    The plug-in is Wonderful

    Very fast and nice

    I have a question

    Add sharing button at the end of page/page content.

    How do I expose the button to a different location? (For example head.php or sidebar)

    thank you. Have a nice day

    • Thanks for commenting Lee. I am currently updating my fast social share WordPress plugin and soon it will have features like multiple styles and options to add social buttons to below post content and above post content.

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