2 Easiest Tricks to Fix Blurry Text in Windows 10 on High Resolution Displays

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how to fix blurry text in windows 10

Having a hard time with blurry text in windows 10? Don’t you worry, today I have one simplest solution which will resolve this issue with just one restart of your system.

Windows 10 is undoubtedly a most advanced personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft so far. It follows Windows 8.1 Metro interface but offers a much more enhanced and improved user experience.

But there are certain features and compatibility options which users wish they shouldn’t have changed. One among those features is DPI Scaling.

If you have a full HD monitor or screen with 1920 X 1080 resolution or higher then you will observe that all the icons and texts become so small that they are really hard to read unless you scale them up. Now in that case if you try to perform DPI Scaling in Windows 10 then it will usually lead to blurry fonts. And now things become more complicated as you can’t read the text anymore because everything becomes so much blurry.

So whats the solutions. Well, their’s one (might be more) and I have discussed it below.

Fix Blurry Text in Windows 10

Once you try to scale the DPI to 125% or try to set any custom DPI, you will start facing this problem.

The worst part is that it’s not just limited to system application, but it also makes your internet browsing a nightmare because now you won’t be able to read any paragraph without having a headache.

iTunes looks blurry windows 10

Even applications like iTunes looks blurry windows 10 which are designed to look great on 300PPI screens ( in case you don’t know I am talking about Mac systems ).

Blurry or fuzzy text are not only hard to read, but they also cause a headache when you try to concentrate too much in order to understand what’s actually written.

Solution 1: Manually fix fuzzy windows 10 fonts

This solution requires a bit of manual work, and you will have to repeat it individually for all those applications in which you see blurred text.

For example, I was facing a bit of problem with Advanced System care 10.3 pro software. Whenever I used to open it, everything including the notifications and Scan button seemed to be too much fuzzy. And so I followed the following steps, and you should also follow them one by one.

1. Right click on the application in which you are facing issues.

2. Select “Properties” from the popup menu.

3. Click on “Compatibility” tab.

making the settings to manually fix fuzzy text in windows 10

4. Select “Override high DPI scaling behavior.

5. Select “System” from the options provided in “Scaling performed by” section.

6. Click on “Apply” button and then on “OK.”

Now just restart your system, and everything should be fine for that application ( I didn’t need to restart my system though ). If you face the same problem with other application then simply repeat the steps.

Solution 2: Using XPE Windows 10 DPI Fix Application

This small but really useful application is what you need if you want to fix all sorts of font issues in your system. Once you install this application, it will attach itself in Windows boot directory and will load everything system starts. This might add few extra millisecond in your boot time but trust me its worth the wait.

1. Download XPE Windows 10 DPI Fix and install it. In case you are not able to install it, right-click on the setup file and select “Run as Administrator.”

2. From the provided options you need to select “Use Windows 8.1 DPI scaling (our fix)” option.

select the default scaling option

3. From the “DPI Scale:” drop down menu you need to select the percentage your want to choose. Most of the times users usually select 125%.

choose custom scaling percentage

In case you want custom scaling, then you need first to select the “Allow custom scaling” option. After that from the drop-down, you can select anything between 101% to 200%.

Once you are done with all these 3 steps, just click on “Apply” button. You get now get a popup which asks you to restart the system to make the changes.

So go ahead and reboot your system. And when you will log in to your system, I am 100% sure that you will start loving your Windows 10 again.

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