Top 10 Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins 2016

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Choosing a slider from the core, WordPress directory is not a cakewalk as there are a plethora of options available. Wasting your time in choosing one ideal option can be a complete wastage of time.

Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins

top free wordpress slider plugins

Nowadays you can see sliders all over the web. They are used by agencies and businesses to show their portfolio and services. Even blogging sites use them to show latest posts, reviews and products.

Although sliders are popular, but they can really slow down your website. Each of them comes with their own set of stylesheet files, javascript and custom function which simply means extra page size.

But don’t you worry, to help save your precious time here is a quick review of top 10 responsive slider plugins which are not only fast but also feature loaded.

Meta Slider

meta slider wordpress plugins

Meta slider is an exceptional combination of multiple free sliders that include Nivo slider, coin slider, flex slider, and responsive slides. Each of these sliders will show the content in the different ways. These multiple sliders equally balance the metrics including transition, animation, and rendering effects. Additional features can also be added with pro version of the plugin.

Posts Slider

post slider

As per the name, Post Slider is used to display posts in a slider. The activation of the slider will show the plugin color settings in the black only; thus, the users just see a black box when they insert slider shortcodes. For the desired color, users need to change the settings to get the elements as per the requirement. With this exceptional slider, users can also set the image caption.

Cyclone Slider 2

cyclone slider 2 plugin

Cyclone Slider 2 is there with the users for creating and managing the slides with ease. With an intuitive user interface, the slider exceptionally contributes to the users’ as well as developers’ requirements. It uses custom posts for the slider custom fields to store settings as well as media uploader for the images. The slider also supports YouTube, custom HTML, and testimonial slides.

Smooth Slider

smooth slider

Smooth Slider is distinguished to be used for media images, videos, as well as featured content. The plugin helps the users create dynamic slideshows of featured media images, custom post types, posts, as well as pages on a WordPress site. More to it, the slider can be customized before it gets implemented with the help of the preview on admin panel. It also helps create search engine optimized slideshow. The smooth slider can be embedded anywhere in the site with shortcode, widgets, and temple tag.

WOW Slider

wow slider wordpress plugin

WOW, Slider is one of the advanced sliders amongst all. The point-and-click-wizard is all there with the slider to help create an extraordinary image slideshow with a few seconds. However, the single problem that occurs with this slider is that the users need to the files manually for every effect that is to be incorporated. However, the plugin can be used without being a core expert of the WordPress coding.

Responsive Photo Gallery

responsive photo gallery wordpress plugin

Responsive Photo Gallery is the best option when there is a requirement of developing responsive websites. The plugin is based on Twitter Bootstrap framework. With the help of this outstanding slider, unlimited images can be uploaded without damaging the quality of the image. A number of handy features are there that help in enhancing the feature of the slider by providing a preview of lightbox images and two gallery layout with diverse fonts.

Responsive Full-Width Background Slider

responsive slider plugin for wordpress

With responsive Full Width Background Slider, the WordPress website can be given an intuitive interface. The use of the slider provides full-screen slideshow in the background of the website. There are a number of user-friendly features using which aids the developers as well as sets the specific settings.

Ultimate Responsive Image Slider

Responsive Full Width Background Slider

A fully responsive image slider plugin to be used by WordPress blog users. With the use of multiple image uploader, users have the opportunity to add infinite image slides in a single slider. More to it, users can also publish unlimited sliders on their blogs. Ultimate responsive image slider has the exceptional setting option with the plugin that includes customizing the height and the width, slide thumbnails, navigation button, autoplay slider, and much more.

Genesis Responsive Slider

genesis responsive slider

Genesis Responsive Slider is a distinguished plugin when it comes to creating a simple responsive slider that aids in displaying the featured image including the title and excerpt from each post. It allows the users to exhibit pages or posts including the specific post IDs of the posts that users wish to display. The noteworthy next/previous arrows along with the option to turn both on or off make this one of the most important plugins to be used.

Responsive WordPress Slider – Soliloquy Lite

soliloquy lite

Responsive WordPress Slider – Soliloquy Lite is one of the most important WordPress plugins and it is now available in its lite form. The best part about “Soliloquy Lite” is that it is much easier to use. By making use of custom posts types, this responsive slider allows the users to develop a countless number of responsive WordPress sliders having a countless number of images in each.

The Conclusion

The list of WordPress slider plugins goes beyond the ones that have been listed here; however, the posts explained here to hold a prominent place among the exceptional list of WordPress slider plugins.

Author Bio: Being an experienced developer at Sparx IT Solutions- PSD to WordPress Conversion Service Provider, Tom Hardy is passionate about researching on new technologies in both mobile and web that could enhance websites and mobile functionalities. He keeps an eye on the latest happening in the web & mobile world to remain updated with the current market trends.

15 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins 2016

  1. WordPress slider plugins are really great way to enhance the look of a wordpress website. They helps webmasters to make their site look unique and attractive. But I also completely agree that their excessive use can slow down the site.

    But if used properly with optimized images, sliders will always add more uniqueness to your site.

  2. Hi Vivek,
    First thanks for this great post.

    I need help with choosing best wordpress slider plugin for homepage. I am currently developing my new portfolio website and I want to add full width responsive content slider with smooth transition effects. Can you please suggest me any free plugin.

    • If you want to have a full width slider on the homepage then I will suggest going with Smooth Slider. It is free and easy to setup.

  3. For me meta slider wordpress plugins is the best.

    I used to love soliloquy but as it hide most of the important features from free users I had to switch to other alternatives.

    Thanks for the post.

  4. Vivek can you please suggest me any full screen wordpress slideshow plugin. I really need it. I don’t want to go with any premium wordpress slider plugin as I am just working on my personal blog.

    Please help me and thanks for this great informative post.

    • See there are many full-screen slider plugins and you can choose anyone from my list and they will serve your needs. Personally, I will suggest using smooth slider.

  5. Wow, seriously great list of free wordpress slider plugins. I have one suggestion for your post. Please add download links pointing to the respective plugin page instead of the downloads. Keep up the great work.

  6. Seriously, I have been searching for slider plugins for almost 3 hours and now I have found a post which is truly informative.

    Thanks you so much vivek and keep up the hard work. And my favorite slider plugin from your post is Cyclone Slider 2.

  7. Great list of plugins. I have been using a plugin named responsive content slideshows and it works great on every device. It is also SEO friendly.

  8. WordPress slider plugins create amazing change in the mind of users as it brings variation on the web page . To be responsive is another good journey of this plugins to nice and dynamic website.

  9. Thanks for sharing amazing post about Free WordPress Slider Plugins. I would like to recommend to try Avartan Slider Plugin.It’s available in Lite and Pro version.
    It has feature as,
    – Fully Responsive
    – Cross Browsing Support
    – User Friendly Backend
    – Touch & Swipe Navigation
    – SEO Friendly
    – Full Width Video Support
    – Animation & Transition and much more…

  10. I want to know the slider plugin for WordPress post like to show text along with image. Actually I have a cricket blog . I used to update posts in Top 5 , Top 10 this kind of posts format but i don’t know how to separate the post in slide format like to view by clicking next in single post rather i used to post the complete article as full post. It would be grateful if someone suggest the right plugin to fulfill my query.

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