How To Embed Audio Player In WordPress Blog

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Adding audios and videos to your posts can seriously improve your website’s user interaction rate and can help to reduce bounce rate. If you blog on some boring topic then adding some visually appealing contents can seriously do wonders for you. It can hold back your readers and can even convince them to buy your product or service.

Actually,  in order to embed an audio player to your WordPress blog you don’t need to install any additional plugin. WordPress can automatically recognize your media file format and can automatically serve the default player. In this post, I will show you how to do it.

How To Embed Audio In WordPress Blogs

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In this section, I am assuming that your don’t know how to add audio files to the wordpress blog. In many simple terms, I am assuming that you are completely new to WP post editing panel.

Well, in that case, you will have to first upload your audio file to your server using WordPress media uploader. There are almost 8 different formats which currently supported and I think the most common formats are mp3, wave. So if you are trying to upload your recorded voice on a podcast then most probably your format would be .wav.


I will suggest you to check the image which I have added as it will show you the proper way to embed audio files into your blog post.

In the above image, you can see that I have first clicked onto the media uploader button and then I had navigated to my personal folders in order to select the required file. So once you have navigated your required audio file you have to just click on upload button. Now WordPress will automatically analyze the file format and will add support for required player.

Now once you publish your post you will be able to see the default player. But if you want to integrate a custom and modified audio player then you will have to install a custom WordPress plug-in. In the next section, I will show you how to find and install one of the highest-rated plug-ins.

Compact WP Audio Player

This free WordPress plugin will help you to integrate a custom and cross browser compatible audio player into your blog posts or pages.

One of the biggest advantages of using this plugin is that it supports shortcodes. Now you might think what does this mean. Where it simply means that you will be able to add the same audio into different posts and pages or in different positions in the same blog post without clicking the WordPress media panel.


But it also has one disadvantage and it is its inability to recognize different audio files except MP3 and OGG.

But you always have options to convert your files into different formats using free or premium file converter software. One of the free software which I personally remember as FREEMAKE converter.

You can use this particular software to convert any of your video or audio files into multiple formats. Even supports specific mobile developers and mobile operating systems.

Now if you take a look at some of the other features of this plugin then you will notice that it has the ability to automatically play any of the audio files once the page is loaded completely. And one another great feature is its responsive design which can automatically resize its way and buttons for different screen resolutions.

Overall if you are a blogger will is podcasting or want to sell any particular audio file through your blog then it’s the perfect plugin for you.




One of the biggest disadvantages of serving any video or audio file from your own server is that it will dramatically slow down your website. Now you might think why the hell is this going to happen with you. Well let me and say you in one of the simplest way.

Your servers are optimized to serve website content that includes images, HTML, PHP, JavaScript files and many other files which are required to run any type of website. But the point which needs to be noted is that your servers are not optimized for then streaming video and audio. But if you force it to do so then it will automatically slow down your server and will drain out your server resources.


So one of the best way to keep your servers cool and to speed up your website is to use any premium content delivery network service. I will personally suggest you to use MaxCDN as it is one of the worlds most popular service. You can also use amazon S3 service which is currently regarded as the world’s most fastest CDN provider.

Now you might think that why am providing you all these details. Actually the plugin which I’m going to present you just below this line will help you automatically load your files from your S3 account to your blog posts.

S3bubble is a WordPress plugin which allows you to connect your Amazon S3 account and helps you to embed files from your store’s account into your blog posts directly. Now every time your visitors or readers load your website the files will be loaded from your S3 account.

Another important because of this plugin includes responsive design and lots of customizable options. Its player are cross browser compatible and is tested with Internet Explorer version 7 to 10. It even provides download option which allows your readers to download your files.



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