Kirki A WordPress Theme Customizer Plugin

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Kirki is an advanced wordpress theme customizer plugin. It adds completely unique and powerful features to default theme customization API.

I know that wordpress theme development is not that though task. Today it is easy to develop wordpress themes; actually even a novice can design his own template. However, what if you want to go ahead by adding custom option panel. I think this is a point where your task may become little bit complicated.

kirki wordpress theme customizer plugin

However, you can easily find dozens of option frameworks. Nevertheless, they are not so easy to integrate with you own codes. They all claims that they are the best. But the problem is we do not need best but we need user-friendly and powerful features.

So here, a new plugin named kirki. I just found it on github and it seems to be promising. It is a plugin, which helps to improve the functionality of default wordpress theme customizer by adding new advanced options.

In this post, I am going to cover all its features and in another post I try to explain its installation process in detail.

Kirki Advanced Theme Customizer

The sole purpose behind the development of this amazing free little plugin is to empower theme developers.

I have just started theme development on different frameworks and standalone base. Creating page templates and blog layouts are real fun. However, for me adding new options to the default theme customization API is completely messy task.

Let us say I have to add an inbuilt slider function to my template. For this, I will have to register new function and then I will have to load custom scripts, style sheets and many other arrays. Then I will have to create new field support for this feature to my existing option panel. I mean you can understand how much trouble you have to take in order to add just one single feature.

Kirki WordPress Customizer

Nevertheless, if you use Kirki plugin then all these tasks become as easy as creating new blog post.

Kirki has inbuilt advanced fields which allows you to add whole sets of new options to customizer. It has support for multiple layout, and you can further modify it to add support for boxed, fluid and wide layout.

Using this plugin, you can add button set custom background support with color picker or upload option. You can set color picker for different elements like menus, text, heading, and others. Then you can even add multicheck, radio, text, upload, slider for advance customization.

In addition, the best part is that this plugin is under massive development. It 100% free to use and download and theirs 100% possibility that new fields will be added soon.

Overall Kirki can be considered as the development framework for theme customizer.

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