Helpful Tips On Managing A Multi-Author Blog

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5 essential tips for managing a multi-author blog. If you own an online magazine, news or business related website, then you might have to handle dozens of authors both guest and featured. Here’s a perfect guide to help you manage them with ease.

Blogging with WordPress has always been a fun-filled activity for blog lovers. If you too are a keen WordPress user then you might be well familiar with its best and most unique features & support for multiple authors is one among them. Well, through in this blog post I’d be helping you grow your knowledge base regarding the techniques that work wonders when it comes to managing WordPress blogs with multiple authors.

What are Multi-author WordPress blogs?


WordPress blogs wherein multiple writers are involved in writing content on different topics are termed as Multi-author WordPress blogs. Inviting other bloggers and writers to become co-authors is believed to be a great way of expanding one’s blog. Once the recruitment part is done, the next big problem is managing these co-authors. As a WordPress blog owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your co-authors in control and get them writing top-notch content that needs to be published on the blogging site.

Managing Multi-author blogs- Is it that difficult?

Well, yes, managing multi-author WordPress blog can turn out to be quite challenging if you’ve always written your blog’s content by yourself. Making sure your co-authors don’t miss out on anything before hitting the publish button, can be quite tedious.

Also, there might be situations when you might want to assign different levels of accessibility and controls to different authors. Here, following result-proven multi-author blog management tips can work best for you.

Following multi-author blog management tips will work for you

Fortunately, we’re into that phase of WordPress development where we have an easy access to plugins that are customized for assisting webmasters manage co-authors for blogs. Still, there are times when even these plugins don’t serve the purpose of maintaining the blog.

Below, I’ve jotted down a few tips that can guide you in managing your multi-author WordPress blog in the right manner. So, here I go:

#1 Assign Tasks Well In Advance

In order to ascertain the timely delivery of your blog’s content, it’s absolutely essential to assign the tasks to your co-authors, well in advance. You need to create an editorial calendar and abide by it by assigning topics in advance, along with a suitable deadline for work submission. Working ahead in this manner allows you to spare time for editing the posts, providing feedback to the respective writer and ensuring that the content is ready to publish.

#2 Maintain A Single Editorial Voice For Your Blog

During the initial days of your WordPress multi-author blog, it’s always better to maintain a single editor for all the content that’s been published. Doing this will allow you to maintain a consistency throughout the site, which will benefit you as well as your readers. If at a later stage, you feel the need to hire more editors for your blog then you may proceed with it.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind here is that each of your editors must follow the same editing style so as to keep the blog’s originality intact.

#3 Opt For A “Write For Us” Page

Creating a “Write For Us” page allows you to invite writers for writing content for your blog or website. This comes as a handy solution for all WordPress blog owners who need to hire co-authors, who’re capable of writing in the same style that’s been followed on the blogging website.

While creating the “Write for Us” page, make sure to include all the information that’s crucial for enabling the writer to pitch you in the right manner. Also, make sure to make this page little bit more catchy and use promising words.

#4 Maintain A Well-Organized Writer Database

A multi-author WordPress blog would expect you to stay in touch with many writers who’re going to write for your site. While some of them are going to be great, others might disappoint you. Hence, in order to segregate best writers from the non-proficient ones, creating a writer database is what’s going to help you.

You can maintain the records of writers with their contact details, assignments they’ve worked on previously, payments that have been made to writers etc. Once created, don’t forget to update this database on a regular basis.

#5 Ensure Seamless Communication With Your Writers

Maintaining a regular communication with your writers can assist you in getting best work out of them. You can choose the mode of emails for sending and receiving feedback from your writers, thereby strengthening your work relationship. Make sure to stay available to answer all the queries put forward by your writers. These communications will also aid you in gauging the true personality of all your writers.

My Final Words

I hope these tips will effectively help you with all the difficulties that come up during managing a multi-author WordPress blogging site.

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