Make Money With MobiAD & Its WordPress Programmatic Plugin

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In this post, I will be covering all ins and outs of MobiAd platform and their wordpress programmatic plugin.

MobiAD is a mobile advertising platform which can be beneficial for both advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can use this platform to find the high-value audience, and publishers can make a huge profit by selling ad spaces on their websites or web applications.

The key point to note is that MobiAD only allows you to focus on the mobile audience which means their platform and their advertising service is made for particular peoples. People who browse, play games and learn through their smartphones or tablets. So now you craft your own strategy to grab the attention of these communities to your advertisements and can use this mobile advertising platform to promote your product or service to millions of people.

What’s Their In MobiAD WordPress Programmatic Plugin

In this plugin, you won’t find any advanced settings or analytical dashboard. Instead, it just helps you to automatically add mobile advertisement code in your website’s footer section.

But to use this plugin, you need first to register a publisher account on the official website and then have to submit your site for review. The best thing is, you can provide an unlimited number of websites and can generate high revenue from mobile site visitors.

The review process usually takes 2 to 24 hours, in my case, it was approved within 1 hour. After the review process is completed, you will be provided with your “site id.” Copy it and paste it inside “MobiAd Settings” in your wordpress admin panel.

Clear all your website cache and if you’re using any CDN then also purge all its cache and load your site on a mobile device to see the advertisements.

Features Of MobiAd Platform

Mobiad has developed a platform which is suitable for both small, big scale publishers and advertisers. Publishers can make a significant profit from quality advertisements which are related to their topic. And advertisers get access to the vast network of quality websites which I feel is perfect to promote services and products.

MobiAd supports multiple types of advertisements. They support banners, full-screen interstitials, and native ads. The complete platform is made automated all thanks to DSP. DSP which means demand side platforms is basically a real-time bidding advertising network. This helps to remove human intervention, and the advertiser with the highest bidding wins the best position.

MobiAd offers higher eCPM than most the of its competitors, and you just need to have $5 in your account to get payout through multiple channels.


MobiAd is pretty new to the mobile advertising and marketing area, and they will inevitably face high competition from other ads network especially from Google Adsense. I used their service, and they did show some great advertisements on my blog. I think they have great future ahead if they can add more advertisers on their network. If you are planning to join them, don’t forget to read their FAQ section for more details on their service and publisher guidelines.

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