Mollom Anti Spam WordPress Plugin : An Akismet Alternative

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Mollom anti spam plugin alternative to akismet

Introducing mollom, a powerful anti spam wordpress plugin. Till now Akismet was one of the best ways to fight back spam on your website.

Akismet can automatically handle and moderate the spam comments without hurting user experience and your hosting server. It’s amazing features not only save your time but even allow you to check the spam comments rates. But due to its false positive actions which usually declare honest comments as spam, not many bloggers love using it. And I can I am one among them.

So today I am going to introduce one amazing spam fighting plugin called as mollom. This service is currently managed and supported by Acquia company. Mollom is a commercial service but is also available for free for bloggers and internet marketers. They also have some advanced subscription packages for professionals and developers.

From the day of starting this service, mollom has caught almost 2,692,663,273 comments and spam messages. But the best thing about mollom is there novel filtering technology which gives you accuracy rate of 99.96%. This means only 4 out of 10,000 comments cannot be processed or skips the filtering.

Additionally, today they are providing their service to more than 55,539 websites. Though their customer base is very small many big brands like twitter, Sony music, Fox news, Symantec and others are using it.

How Mollom WordPress Plugin Works?

They have a unique method of detecting spam comments. When any spammer ( both human or bot ) comes to your website for commenting he will have to use your comment form. Mollom keeps tracks and scans every text being typed in the form.

If it finds something unethical or which triggers the spam filtering, the person or bot is then sent to another page containing the CAPTCHA. Now most probably the spammer will leave this page and you will never see any spam comment in your folder.

Now you might think whether you can use this plugin with other CMS or not. Well, then this amazing addon is available for many different open source content management systems including wordpress.

Here are some simple benefits of using mollom as your spam fighting wordpress plugin.

  • You instantly get rid of almost every spam comments and spammers.
  • Gives you control of bypass mechanism. You can set the user role to bypass the scanning.
  • It helps to make your website more human-friendly.
  • Mollon is available for Drupal, SilverStripe, and other CMS.
  • It uses novel filtering technology,
  • Helps you to get your better position on search engines.

Overall it’s a perfect service for basic to advanced users and from bloggers to online corporate websites. Its features and its advanced technology and ability to learn from its mistakes makes it a perfect chose for those who hate spam.

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