How To Prevent Content Scraping In WordPress – 8 Ideas

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Content scraping is one of the biggest problem faced by any blogger, webmaster and internet marketers.

Though Google has been working on this field since back in 2010, I don’t feel they are able to control this problem. They have developed Panda algorithm to punish all those websites who scrap others content and publish it on their websites. But their effort seems to be useless especially due to powerful content spinners which come with vast synonyms database and other clocking methods.

One another problem is, let us say some high authority website steals your content and publish it before Google index your content, then you will be called as content scraper by Google. This usually happens to new bloggers and authors.

So considering all these problems I thought I should discuss this topic with all my readers. Here I will also present you three definite ideas to prevent content scraping.

Few of the biggest problem which usually occur due to content scraping have been listed below.

  • Your website will be penalized by Google panda algorithm.
  • Your website may get the manual penalty which is very serious problem.
  • Readers don’t like duplicate content and if they have read your content on another site, they will consider you as the spammer.
  • You won’t see any profit.
  • You will lose all your readers and subscribers.

3 Great Ideas To Prevent Content Scraping

Tips To Prevent Content Scraping

1st Suggestion

One of the best way to legally prove your authorship is to add the copyright notice at the bottom of your post. You can even add the legal notice at your footer area. Then you can use the DMCA free registration to grab their anti-spam logo for free publishing.

2nd Tip

One another great method is to prove your authorship to Google. For this, you will need Google account and will have to verify your website ownership in webmaster tool. Once done you can use their service to claim your content.

One another great method is to prove your authorship to Google. For this, you will need Google account and will have to verify your website ownership in webmaster tool. Once done you can use their service to claim your content.

I personally use the “crawl as Google bot” feature available in google webmaster tools to first make my content indexable. Then I use Google’s rich snippet verification tool to verify my authorship on my content.

Actually, Google provided this option for webmasters and bloggers intentionally. They knew that they were almost failed in finding the real spam websites, especially if your content is copied by some old and established website then Google use to punish the new website owner.

But after the release of Google plus and authorship verification, the game has changed. Today search bots know where and which website is pushing up new content and which one is copying it or is promoting spam.

For me, this feature or update from Google has helped me save my time and money. And most importantly helped me to stop content scraping on my websites.

3rd Suggestion

You can try using few of the great WordPress plugins; if you have your blog or website based on it. You can use addons to disable the right-click functionality. Or you can add the attribution URL to your post end and to your feeds. Check the next section of this article for, four top plugins.

4 WordPress Plugins To Prevent Content Scraping

Here we will discuss four five powerful plugins. They all have their own unique feature with some related function. The best part is that they all have easy to understand interface and easy to select options. And with just a few clicks and save down you will be able to stop spammers.

Copyright Proof

It’s of the of the easiest and the perfect way to claim your authorship on each and every post you have written. This little addon helps you to verify all your content for copyright, licensing with digital signature and time stamp. It will even add these legal notice along with attribution support at the end of each of your post.


Copyright Footer RSS

Usually, you might notice that the websites that copy your content also copy some RSS notices provided via Feedburner. This means they are using some kind of RSS free scraping tool and then rewriting or directly publishing your content.

In order to claim the right authorship, you can add the legal notice along with right attribution to the original website. And for this purpose, your can try using this easy to handle plugin.

It has two inbuilt shortcodes that allow you to customize your copyright notice. You can use {title} which will add your post title. And {permaurl} which will add the original post URL.

Stop Content scrapers Now

Disable Right Click

One another great option to prevent your readers or scrapers from copying your content is disabling the right-click. Using this plugin, you can create an iframe or javascript layer above your post area which will prevent anyone from performing right-click.

Using this plugin, you get the option to configure the message which you would like to show to your visitors who perform right-click.


Custom Right Click Menu

It’s always a good idea market from each and every part of your website or blog. So why not display a custom menu to your readers instead of a blocking message to those who perform right-click.

This feature can help you grab little more visitors to your categories and pages. And thus, in return will help you make little bit more conversion.

Grab This Plugin

So these are 8 powerful tips and plugin ( in combination ) to help you prevent content scraping on your website. This will allow you to focus completely on developing and promoting you latest posts and products. So go ahead and fight back spam.

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