Top 15 WordPress Project Management Plugins for 2017

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handpicked project management wordpress plugins


Every business demands you to be organized irrespective of the industry you belong to.

Proper planning, staying disciplined, following procedures, completing tasks within deadlines, maintaining the budget, etc. are all part of Project Management. Though there are many tools available for websites to handle this project management aspect, picking the right one for yourself can be tricky. Because a wrong choice here can make it messy for you to manage your business.

10 Handpicked WordPress Project Management  Plugins

First of all I want to thanks this awesome open source CMS and blogging platform WordPress. Because of it today many startups are saving 1000’s of bucks in task management. It has helped them to automate and manage their tasks. And for 1000’s of developers it is the only source of revenue generation.

Now, before installing any project management plugin, you must have a clear idea about your need and expectations.

The main problem is that there are 1000’s of free and premium extensions to choose from. Many of them offer great features but due to lack of marketing, they are hard to find.

Remember that with free plugins you will get access to only limited functionality. So, if you wish to have access to advanced features then you might have to switch to premium plugins.

When I say advanced features, then I mean to say:

  • Industry standard client management.
  • Team member access with privacy control.
  • Custom dashboards and progress reports.
  • Advanced file manager and visibility control.
  • Extensive privacy control settings, etc.

To help you I have done extensive research and data gathering. After hours of research, I have found 15 feature-rich wordpress project management plugins.

WP Project Manager

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The plugin which is acquiring the top spot of our list is WP Project Manager. The guys over at wedevs have developed it. They are in business since 2008. And they have the backing of a large team looking after the maintenance of the plugin on regular basis. Below are few of the important features of this extension.

  • The creating project, set title and details of the project.
  • Assigning users to project
  • Messaging system for communication among team members of the project.
  • It lets you add attachments to the messages.
  • Facility to add to-do list with title, description and due date.
  • Creating milestones like upcoming/completed/late milestone.
  • You will be able to see all files associated with the same project at one place
  • Archiving completed projects.

It comes in both free and premium version. The Premium subscription starts from $59/year. It will give you access to dozens of extra features.

Furthermore, you will obviously have access to member only support area. If you face any difficulty in installing or using this extension just send a support request. The wedevs support team will take complete care of all your problems.

Furthermore, you have 14 days to test drive the premium subscription. If you think that it doesn’t have the features you need then you can ask for full refund. Below I have listed some important features of premium WP Project Manager:

  • Access to all the features of any industry grade project and task management system.
  • You can check the progress of tasks with help of calendar.
  • Ability to change the due dates with drag and drop functionality.
  • Assign multiple users with specific access permission to a specific team.
  • Integrated private chat system.
  • Assign permission level to teams.
  • You get full control over the privacy settings. each and every option comes with custom privacy setting.
  • Every user, collaborator, leader have access to their own dashboard from where they can see the progress and task completed.
  • You can add to-do lists to every milestone you create.
  • Advanced project file manager with extensive controls and privacy settings.
  • Ability to track the time which was required to complete a specific task.

And the feature list goes on and on.

Till date, WP Project Manager has been downloaded over 79,500 times and got active installation over 3000.


Orbis plugin

It has been quite successful in turning dashboards into a complete business management tool.

This plugin shares some similar features with WP Project Manager extensions. Features like creation and administration of projects, comments, companies, and managers are same. But something which is unique about it is its front end theme. Orbis theme helps you to transform the standard WP dashboard into a complete project management system.

This feature provides quick and easy front-end access to your project management tools. Some of its features can be further enhanced by the help of other plugins such as Orbis Tasks and Timesheets.



This easy to install add-on is a quick solution to manage task within the dashboard. It also carries features like creating public and private projects, adding attachments/comments to your tasks, etc.

TaskFreak is compatible with various other WordPress extensions and themes. It provides multi-language support and is mobile friendly.

It has received a total of 7100 downloads approx, and this plugin was last updated on August 28, 2016. Now, this might sound like trouble but don’t your worry. I have tested it on my localhost, and it works perfectly well with latest WP update and server with PHP7+ version.

Project Panorama

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Apart from other regular features, one thing that sets it apart is the fact that this plugin gives importance to visual communication to make the task easy. Some of the key features of this plugin are:

  • It automatically calculates the status of project completion.
  • Gives an update to everyone related to the project via email.
  • Identifies delayed projects automatically.
  • Sets up project templates and clones them, so that all the setup steps can be avoided.
  • Clients have the option to request or approve changes in relevant documents right on the project page.

Project Panorama costs around $50 for individual sites. But you can also buy a professional package for $75 that covers unlimited sites.

CQPIM WordPress Project Manager

CQPIM plugin

First of all, CQPIM was first designed by a web agency to cope up with the demands from their clients. After getting good feedback, they decided to launch it full time.

The idea was to fill the void in the market for an excellent project management plugin. One good thing about this plugin is that it is not exclusive to any section of WordPress users. It means that from freelancers to big agencies, anyone can use this plugin and use its advanced features to manage their projects efficiently.

You can translate this plugin to any language by editing its MO/PO files. Furthermore, you can extend this plugin using the two available add-ons. One of which allows you to integrated it with Envato and the second one allows you to integrate 2Checkout payment support.

Some of the important features of this popular plugin are:

  • Client and team member conversion tool.
  • Role based permission system. This further enhances the control over membership and access management.
  • Brandable administration panel which can be further customized.
  • Integrated support for PayPal and Stripe payment gateways.
  • Ajax powered actions and function transitions.
  • Support for recurring invoices.
  • Contract signing feature allows your clients to login to the dashboard and sees the advancement accomplished in their project.

There are hundreds of other advanced features to which you get access only through this extension.

It seems like they want to convert your dashboard into some industry grade project management system.

CQPIM is a premium extension and is available only on codecanyon for $42. It has somewhere close to 1170 sales with average 4.4/5 star rating.

SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project plugin

This plugin is quite popular when it comes to file and document management. It makes it easy to organize, track, share and upload project documents. This multisite plugin is available in both free and premium versions.

With the free version, you have insufficient access to the functionalities. Additionally, certain features can be upgraded or integrated by purchasing add-ons.

You can freely try the premium version for 30 days and can enjoy all its professional features. With the premium version, you get additional facilities of a responsive layout, the thumbnail for projects, email notifications, collaboration and others.

One of the most noteworthy features of sp project & document manager is AES file encryption which allows you to protect all your papers and details. You get multi uploader which allows your clients and team members to upload any file of any size regardless of the limits imposed by the php.ini configuration file.

And there are many more features which you can enjoy by paying the premium of $75 per site.


If you want regular project management facilities for free, then CollabPress is a good option for you.

Like others, this one also comes with standard features like adding project and task management to the dashboard.

Facilities like adding comments to tasks, email notifications, task due dates, calendar view, BuddyPress group integration and others are also available.

Kanban Boards for WordPress

Kanban Boards are famous for agile project management. It can be used for tracking sales, scheduling content publishing time, hiring new employees and much more. It has striking similarities with another project management tool called Trello. Some of the main features of this plugin are:

  • Easy installation
  • Fit for group work.
  • Tasks can be assigned to team members and track it.
  • Live collaboration and updates.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Multi-language support
  • ‘Edit in place’ feature and more.
  • Additional features like multiple boards, to-do list, task flagging, notifications, etc., can be added by paid add-ons.

WordPress Project Management by Upstream

upstream plugin for wordpress

This easy to use wordpress project management plugin lets you manage any type of project from right within your WordPress site. With this plugin, your clients will be able to track the status of the project through front end project view.

Some of the key features of this plugin include bug/issue tracker, automatic status checking, discussion threads, client contact details and logo, customizable front end templates, etc. The plugin is providing all these features for free.

Though a premium version is also available.

BP GTM System

BP GTM System is basically a BuddyPress Group task management system. Apart from giving complete control over duties and subtasks on your dashboard, it can sync tasks with specific projects, tags, and categories.

Jobs can be created using TinyMCE and then set them as pending or completed. Tasks can be sorted here using various filters, even the project attached to these tasks can be changed. Same goes for the people associated with it.

WordPress Task Management

This is a premium plugin for task management which works from the back end of your WordPress site. WordPress Task Management is simple, straightforward and easy to use.

All the necessary features needed to manage a project nicely is present in this plugin. With this plugin, activities related to a task of an individual or an entire organization can be tracked by the team members of the project. This helps to keep everyone on the same page. A regular license for WordPress Task Management costs around $17, and extended license costs $85.

WP-Client Pro

This premium plugin configures several areas of your WordPress site by allowing the administrator to create new client areas. The main features of this plugin may include private and secure client portals easy online payments, secure file upload and download, instant importing the existing customers and allowing clients to register themselves.

These exclusive features are available in the single management plugin, namely WP-Client Pro. The price range of WP-Client Pro varies depending on selective packages. So far, four packages are available: Basic ($59), Plus ($119), Developer ($199) and White Label ($349).

SP Client Document

This Project and Document Manager Plugin is proficient regarding maintaining records, documents, images, files, and videos. This powerful plugin helps the users to manage clients, organize supplier documents, personal documents, and multiple accounts.

You can take the privilege of using help from free forum support. You can also submit a ticket or contact through Skype.

Although it is a premium plugin, you can have a free one-time opportunity to use SP Client Document for 30 days.

BP GTM System

This project management plugin is exclusively designed for WordPress. The BP GTM system or BuddyPress Group Task Management system control the web development process including all tasks, subtasks categories, projects and tags.

This useful plugin is powered by and created with This is a free plugin and thereby highly recommended for the small business websites.

Project Manager by TPC

The project manager by TPC is a fork of WP Project Manager. Hence, it shares many features similar to the WP Project Manager, such as Tasks Lists, Projects, Messages, Milestones, Files and To-do list.

Because of its ease of use and availability of free version, most of the WordPress Web Designers highly recommend this plugin.

Although this plugin comes free, the features cover almost every aspect of project management. The main features may include privacy security, responsive UI, improved layout and email notifications.

Here you will have widgets, which will sort out your tasks by date (a better project calendar). You can also use hashtags in front of job ID (e.g. #1001) to refer it or link it with another task.


Maximum custom plugins available in the market are designed keeping WordPress users in mind.

The popularity of WordPress is the main reason for this. From basic free to excellent premium ones, there are plugins for project managers, suppliers, vendors, everyone. To enjoy the facilities of plugins to the fullest, all you need to do is making the right choice.

Providing this list of 15 project management wordpress plugins was aimed at helping you to pick the correct one for your task management. We hope it has served the purpose.

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