SEO Tips for One Page WordPress Websites

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One page websites are rising in popularity as more and more people and companies choose them over larger, more elaborate, sites with multiple pages.

Single page websites can be ideal for special new projects. With applications in all niches, one-page websites are perfect for small scale businesses, agencies, service based organizations or for simply creating creative interactive sites.

While some SEO experts may not recommend such site structure as a long-term solution but there are definitely some benefits to utilizing single page structures.

SEO Tips for One Page Websites

1. Anchor Link Optimization

Website owners can smartly use anchor links. Webmasters and marketers usually use text links to take visitors to a targeted place on the internet on to internal pages on that site.

But on one page websites, you can use them to help your audience easily navigate to different sections.

An additional benefit is that Google will sometimes list these links as site links and will show them on search result pages. Furthermore, having smart and relevant anchor text makes it easier for spiders to crawl through your website.

2. Unique Design

You can plan and develop each area of page content as if it were a complete page all on its own. So a one page websites with relevant sections and content is always worth it. But it is essential to optimize each section properly. You should first perform keyword research and then use the most appropriate keywords in your different content divisions. And don’t forget to add a compelling headline, relevant and optimized copy, image alt tags, and apply other relevant SEO considerations.

3. Multiple H1 Tags

You might not agree with me on this, but seriously you can use multiple H1 tags. Remember that the main heading tag signals that what content will follow is different and isolated from the rest of the page copy.  Since you website doesn’t have any additional pages, you need to tell search bots that each division is completely unique on its own.

You should also ensure that your main heading includes keywords which are most relevant to the paragraph directly below it.

4. Pageless Design

Create a single site page with “pageless design” in mind. This way, the design can incorporate responsive elements that can work well on devices like desktops, laptops, and cell phones. Starting in 2015, Google expanded their ranking signal to include sites that are mobile-friendly. The page-less design works in tandem with the ever-changing digital landscape. Intuitive scrolling is faster than clicking. This enables viewers to take in a lot of information without having to wait for a page to load.

5. Don’t Neglect Readability

If the audience’s concentration is interrupted, they may drift elsewhere. Scrolling also frees the user from having to make a decision. Clicking is just the opposite. Clicking demands a conscious decision that requires people to know what they want along with the motivation to find it. Besides, scrolling in today’s social media world is inevitable. Concerning touchscreen and mobile devices, scrolling is the intuitive way that people use the web. It is now in everyone’s DNA.

6. Seek Authority

Seek page authority through link-building efforts. Building links is still an effective way to rank a website or a single page. Plan to build links through guest blogging and positive reviews for website offerings. Just keep in mind that link building can be one of the toughest aspects of SEO.

Single page design in WordPress is a great approach for using storytelling that can inspire users to act. The design will also force site owners to make sure they are delivering a simple message. There is only so much room on a single page, and the message has to be relevant, useful, and something people are willing to act on or share.

7. Focus On Keywords

With one page website, you have a minimal amount of content to showcase. So it is imperative that you highlight all your keywords in the content without it sounding unnatural. You need to know exactly which keywords will get you higher rankings, and where to put them in the limited space available to you.

8. Refresh Your Content

It is necessary that you keep updating your content. When your website does not have a lot of content to be read, it actually becomes necessary to keep refreshing the content and be creative for that.

Pros & Cons of One Page Websites

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, there are pros and cons to the usability of single page websites.

First the good stuff. These types of sites promote user engagement. Instead of driving them to other pages you can engage your viewers with the necessary and direct content on the single page.

With an improved flow of information across the site, you deliver the best message to your audience in shortest time. You can also expect higher conversion rates. As for the cost and time, these types of sites are not only easier to manage, but they also need less investment for setup and running.

However, there are a few downsides too. Due to the availability of limited space, there can be content overload on your site if you haven’t properly divided your site into different divisions. If you happen to include unoptimized graphics and animation then they can further increase the page load time which is highly unacceptable. Also, if the design is not modern, mobile friendly and if the typography is not properly optimized then your website can be confusing to your users.

One Page WordPress Themes

These types of templates are significantly important for providing an aesthetic and straightforward user experience. If you are using WordPress, you should definitely have a look at Single Page WordPress themes by CyberChimps. These tried and tested templates and possess everything that you have been looking for, to make your website the best one. Finding applications in various niches, these themes are perfect for business, corporates, agencies, portfolios, freelancers and any other modern and creative websites!

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular CMS and blogging platform which is powering more than 28% worldwide websites. And today creating any type of site or portfolio using this search engine optimized platform is a child’s play for everyone.

One Page Business Pro

One Page Business Pro

It is a professionally designed premium WordPress theme specially crafted keeping in mind your business needs. It’s an elegant template with complete sophistication and pleasing color combinations.

You can use it on your site to improve user engagement with customers without making them roam about on other pages. You can amazingly showcase your products using just a single page. This WP design consists of 7 stunning sections. Home, About Us, Services, Team, Portfolio, Testimonial, and Contact. You can use these sections to feature all your essential data. Additionally, with impressive features like dynamic alignment, sliders, portfolio section with modal effect, etc. this template is totally worth a try.



It is CyberChimps’ one page WordPress theme with smooth scrolling & navigation and can suffice all the website needs of business, corporate or agencies.

It is well suited for companies and comes up with five sections. About, Services & Team, Contact, Portfolio; each of which can be chosen to enabled/disabled as and when required. The full-width background image on Minivet’s homepage gives it a stunning look. Its sticky header ensures that your prominent links/menu items will always grab user’s attention even if he scrolls down.



It is a creative multi purpose and efficient theme specially created to help you showcase your work on a single page.

BlueArcs theme has eight sections that will completely change the look of your one-page website – Home, About, Testimonial, Services, Project, Latest blog, Contact and Footer section which are fully customizable. An interesting part of this theme is that it has WordPress features like featuring a single post, creating a blog page, archive page, other pages, etc. making it an equivalent to CyberChimps’ multi page WordPress themes.



So if you are looking forward to crafting a stunning one page website, be easy on yourself and consider this premium professionally design themes. Do make sure to implement the tips which I have shared here in this guide and trust me you have already conquered 50% of the war zone.

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