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Ever thought what your logged-in subscribers, authors and contributors are doing on your blog. Here’s stream wordpress plugin to help you discover each and every activity being performed on your website with ease.

Today almost each and every website is venerable to hacking. Not a single website is 100% secure and that’s the reason why we should take all possible precautions.

Though there are many services, plugins and guides to help you protect your website, but still you always miss one important area. This area is your your wordpress dashboard. We all ow readers to subscriber to our blog, but who know what your subscribers are doing on your site.

There might be a hacker who might be search for loop hole to perform hacking attempt to your website. So its always important to track each and every activities of your logged in users.

Benefits Of Using Stream WordPress Plugins


Stream has been designed to monitor each and every change made on your website. And there are few outstanding features of this plugin which will simply amaze you.

  • It adds up a new widget on your dashboard to easily view every activity.
  • You can limit the visibility of the activity logs.
  • You can setup private feed of logs. This means, the feed will be delivered only to you.
  • You can even create JSON based private feeds.
  • You can either purge the logs manually or can set the timer.

Other than these, you can change the language of the plugin to either English, French or German.

One another important benefit of using this plugin is that it won’t affect the speed of PHP querying on your website. It will not even add additional log details to your post tables. Overall, this plugin has been designed considering the website loading speed.

Stream In Action

Here’s the screen shot which shows how stream will show you the details related to each and every logged in user. Here you can filter the user via role, connection, context and through the actions performed.

Here’s the screenshot of the setting page. Here you can specify the user role required to view the logs and the time interval to keep the log information.

Here’s the video which shows its functionality in brief.

Up Coming Features

Currently stream supports only single site this means you can’t see the statistics for multi-site based networks. But the developer have taken care of this and will most probably include this features in new update.

One another great up coming feature would be the live statistics update. This will enable you to see all logs and activity live.

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Lots Of Room For Improvement

Developer gives you complete freedom to complain about any functionality of this plugin. You can also report and bug or issue regarding it. Furthermore you can share new ideas or can request for more features for free of cost.

Other than these you can even directly contribute to the plugins development or can download the source file from the git hub repository.

So I and the developer would love to hear your thoughts and suggestion regarding stream wordpress plugin. Share your views in comment area.

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