Top WordPress Plugins To Perform A/B Testing On Your Blog

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Testing is an inevitable process that is essential to ensure the quality and smooth performance of the product. This is why it is advisable to test your products prior to launching them in the market.

Whether you are developing an application, or running an online store, it is eminent to precisely test your product. This will certainly help you recognize the loopholes (if any exist), and accordingly improve the functionality to deliver an effective product. By running suitable tests on your website, you can scour the performance of your UI elements (like, are your CTA buttons driving conversions? Or, are they dead in the water?).

There are different types of testing methods available, while A/B testing is quite popular among marketers. It allows one to amend, tinker and fuss with his website in a viable manner. By consistently keeping a close eye on your website performance, you can proficiently pave the path towards success.

Top WordPress A/B Testing Plugins



Fortunately, WordPress website owners can efficiently conduct A/B Test on their sites and ensure its surefire performance by installing a suitable plugin. Although you may prefer choosing an external tool to perform the task, getting the suitable plugin installed in the WP dashboard will ultimately make the task more convenient. Moreover, a WP plugin also allows one to confine his tests to particular elements of the website.

There is no dearth of useful plugins in the WP repository, you can easily find a slew of A/B testing plugins. Thus, to help you streamline your choice for a prolific plugin that can augment A/B testing, I have included a few of the best plugins. Let’s explore them.

1. WordPress Calls to Action

WordPress Calls to Action is an ultimate standalone plugin that can also be used along with WordPress Leads and WordPress Landing Page. It helps augment lead generation system of the site so as to benefit your business. This fabulous plugin allows one to create CTA (Call to Action) and monitor their conversion rates, thereby, heightening A/B tests.

This plugin comes jam-packed with a resourceful library of captivating CTAs. You may choose a suitable one from the available options or tailor it as per your needs. The integrated Visual Editor and its ability to trace conversion rates facilitate one to make the suitable tweaks with a flair. This way it supports persistent optimization.


2. Nelio A/B Testing

Nelio A/B Testing Plugin is a brilliant plugin that offers a worthwhile conversion optimization service. You can conveniently configure efficient A/B test with this plugin while it can be easily handled and monitored via the WP dashboard. It, thus offers a seamless access to the plugin and makes testing a website a breeze.

It allows one to smoothly conduct the test on any web element, including large UI elements to minute details of a web page. The integrated heatmap feature allows one to scrutinize his users’ engagement on his website. Thus, you can focus on these areas more and deliver an optimized UX.

This proficient plugin also offers a daily report regarding the visitors that land at the website and the conversions generated. Since, the back-end server of Nelio is used for collecting info and analyzing stats, the plugin won’t hamper the website’s performance and its loading speed.


3. Optimizely

Optimizely plugin allows WP sites to implement Optimizely services that dramatically improve the site performance via A/B testing. It doesn’t demand any coding skills and facilitates one to proficiently create experiments via its simple and its intuitive visual interface. This certainly allows one to boost the conversion with ease. However, you are required to create an account at its official website, and enter your project code in the configuration page of the plugin. With this, you will be able to enhance your site by reaping the benefits of Optimizely.


4. A/B Theme Testing

While having a whopping number of options around can overwhelm some, it can also leave some people confused. There are so many aesthetic themes available that make it hard to make a choice. The A/B Theme Testing plugin comes as a savior in such situation. It comprises Google Analytics with the virtue of which you can compare multiple themes and determine which is ideal for your business.

You won’t need to delve deep into coding, simply download and install the plugin. It will allow you to simultaneously run multiple themes on your website. It then randomly rotates themes for visitors so that you can test which theme is better augmenting conversions. By choosing a theme in this manner, you can miraculously boost your profits.


5. Simple Page Tester

You can efficiently run A/B test on your WordPress blogs with the Simple Page Tester. Unlike most of the split testing services, this plugin doesn’t require any programming skill. It streamlines the test into three easy steps, including
• Accessing to the edit page of the web element that you want to test,
• Configuring it in the desired manner (by clicking on the Setup Split Test button),
• Then, declare the winner of the experiment (by clicking on the Declare Winner button).

The plugin is optimized to work seamlessly with WP websites, and supports Google Analytics and caching. You can also track the conversions with its premium version.


Wrapping Up

I believe that there is always room for improvement if one is willing to make appropriate efforts. Testing offers an excellent way to determine flaws in your work., and A/B testing, which is also known as split testing makes a viable choice. Although it is recommended to test your products beforehand, it is also imperative to test the live performance of your product to ensure surefire results. For the folks seeking ways to improve their WordPress blogs, above mentioned is a roundup of some top-notch A/B testing plugins that deliver outstanding outcomes.

Author: Lucie Kruger is an application developer working with Mobiers Ltd, which is the leading mobile application development company.

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