Verify Google Webmaster Tools With WordPress In 5 Easy Steps

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Google webmaster tools are essential for every blogger, online business, and e-commerce website. It is a collection of excellent content submission and website tracking tools, provided free from Google.

It allows you to submit your latest posts, reviews, and articles for indexation. You get the ability to submit a sitemap and can even track how many links have been indexed. Giving you more control over website management, you can use tag manager and rich snippet checking service. Furthermore, you can be notified about the manual penalty and can even submit links for disavow.

Therefore, if you want to rank better and server better then you must verify Google webmaster tools with WordPress website.

I think you already know that Google wants every web publisher to offer better user experience to his or her visitors. If you follow their guidelines, have high-quality content, and then your website will never be affected by any algorithmic or manual penalty.

So are you ready to amaze this web with your awesome service and words.

5 Easy Steps To Verify WordPress Site In Google Webmaster Tools

Before you proceed with any steps, it is essential that you have an account with Google. You can sign up for their free email service and can get free 10 GB of storage. Once you have that account, you can use it to log into other services like Youtube, Blogger, etc.

Sign In To Your Account – #1

In order to get your own personal dashboard, you will need to move to webmaster’s official website. Over here, you will be asked to sign up and you can do so using Gmail account.

Adding Your Website #2

Once you complete your signup process, you will be taken to your dashboard. Over here, you will find all your websites that you will add in future. On this page on the top right-hand side, you will find a red button with text, add a site, and click on it.

After clicking, you will receive a popup box where you have to enter your website’s URL.

Now it’s time for you to move to next step, so click on continue button. Make sure you do not add HTTP:// and www with your URL. Actually, you have to just enter your blog’s name along with its domain extension.

Copy the Meta Content ( Your HTML Tag ) – #3

After you click on continue button you will be forwarded to a page where you will be asked to prove that you are the real owner of the website. In order to do so, you can use any of the verification process within recommended or an alternate method.

Here I will suggest you to use the alternate method that is relatively easy. So click on the alternate method tab and you will see some contents like show in the figure below.

On this tab, you need to select HTML tag radio button. Now just copy everything inside the content=” “. This is your Meta content tag and you need to add it your website in order to prove your ownership.

Install WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin – #4

So I assume that you have already copied your tag. Now you must log into your WordPress dashboard and visit to add new plugin page. On this page, you have to make a search for WordPress SEO plugin. Most probably, you will find the Yoast’s plugin on the top of the list, just install it and then activate it.

Now you might ask me that why you should install this plugin. Well, let me tell you that it’s the most popular WordPress SEO plugin ever built. It has powerful features that allow you to control every single SEO related options. For example, you can add nofollow, nor or can control the replytocom link issues with just one click. So I think it’s a good idea to install this plugin.

Get To The Dashboard – #5

Now we are in our final step. You have to visit the plugin dashboard. If you have installed Yoast plugin properly then you will see a new yellow icon in your sidebar. Put your cursor on it and from the on hover menu select the dashboard option.

On this, page you, at the bottom you will find some fields. Using them, you can verify WordPress site in Google webmaster tools. Additionally, you can even verify ownership at Bing, Pinterest, Yandex and Alexa.

Now enter the tag that you have copied in step 3. Now if you are using any caching plugin and CDN service then clean all your cache. Refresh and reload your website. Now again visit your webmaster tool’s account and move to the alternate method page. At the bottom of the page, you will see a red button labeled as Verify, click on it.

Moreover, you are verified. Now enjoy all those awesome statistics and control how Google crawl your website.

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