6 Marvelous WordPress Database Plugins

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The database forms an inevitable part of any website. Not only, all the web content, process and site structure is stacked in it, but it is also responsible for ensuring a seamless and smooth performance of websites.

Since the overall performance of a website relies on its database performance, one must take database security and performance into account. Fortunately, there are several wordpress database plugins that can help you to track database security issue and can help to eliminate them. This is not it. You can also improve your database efficiency by using the plugins which fit best to your needs.

Best WordPress Database Plugins



Although the WordPress possesses a gigantic repository, which comprises a whopping 40,000+ number of plugins and themes, and with the fact that many new plugins are released every day, choosing an appropriate addon can turn out to be a tiring task for most of the users. To help you proficiently streamline your choice, I have enlisted a few stunning plugins in this post that will brilliantly improve your website’s database.

1. WP-DBManager

Since websites are fragile, it is highly significant to take regular backups of your website. When you are running your site on WordPress website, it becomes preeminent. By using the WP-DBManager plugin on your WP site, you will be able to efficiently manipulate your site database as per your site requirements.

You can take backups, repair its structure, restore the data, and perform several other tasks. One of the most impressive features of this plugin is that it also offers automatic scheduling. You don’t need to get jittery about the security of your WordPress database, as efficiently deals with it. Best of all, these features are available for free.

2. VaultPress

Developed by Automattic, VaultPress is a fabulous plugin that offers an astonishing backup service. Once you have got this plugin installed, you won’t need to worry about your WP data. This is so because it auto backups the complete WP site on a daily basis by implementing the cloud services.

This plugin is easily configurable and offers a great control to the website owner. This premium plugin is available at an affordable price that makes it a great choice.

3. BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin

You might be wondering that VaultPress is also a backup plugin, then why BackWPup Free. While VaultPress is a premium plugin, this plugin offers worthy backup services for free. The plugin allows one to efficiently take the backup of his website to any cloud service like Dropbox.

It also offers a slew of other useful features, including database optimization, check, and repair. Moreover, this plugin also supports five different languages, namely Russian, English, French, Chinese and German; so you may choose a suitable one.

4. WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize is a simple yet highly effective plugin that is known for delivering superlative results. You can efficiently optimize your database with this plugin and improve the overall performance of your website. Whether you are interested in eradicating the post revisions, remove Pingbacks and trackbacks related options, or get rid of transient options for revving up the loading speed of your site, WP-Optimize makes a viable choice.

Moreover, this mobile-ready plugin also allows one to keep a check on the spam comments and schedule auto cleanups by configuring it in an appropriate manner.

5. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

One of the most quintessential steps that must be considered after deleting the revisions is to optimize the database and vanish the garbage data. Thankfully, it is not a tedious task and can be accomplished with a mouse click only.

Yes! Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions plugin works proficiently in a quite similar fashion to the WP-Optimize plugin.

However, not to mention, there are several additional features as well. You can also generate a log of cleaning. Although its default services are valuable, you may also choose custom choices for optimizing your Database. Furthermore, this free plugin is a multiple websites compatible, it thus allows one to clean all the websites in the network with just one click.

6. WP Clean Up

WP Clean Up is yet another plugin that facilitates one to clean the database and get rid of all the extraneous data. You can remove drafts, auto drafts, revisions, spam comments, dashboard transient feeds, trash comments, and so forth. This free and effective tool helps keep your database clean while securing a lot of space on your MySQL database.

Final Thought

To ensure the hiccup-free and persistent performance of your website, it is imperative to optimize your site database. Luckily, there are truckloads of the plugin available out there that can help you accomplish the task with a breeze.

I have unleashed a few of the prolific plugins to help you choose a suitable one. Get the suitable one installed on your website and secure your crucial web data while enhancing your database. However, it is advisable to keep your target audience and business objectives in mind while making an optimal choice.

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