Easily Set Different Themes On Different Pages In WordPress

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So you want to set different wordpress themes for different pages in wordpress. Well, it’s possible but you have either edit your theme’s function.php file or you can use jonradio multiple themes wordpress plugin.

Today most of the modern wordpress templates come with an option to set custom layout for individual posts and pages. But the most common problem which we face is the related to design.


Let us say you want to create highly converting landing page for your new product. For creating any landing page, it’s important to consider the user experience, visuals, style. You have to make sure that you have catchy buttons, strong titles along with the clean content text. But since your theme doesn’t have great looking and flexible landing page template you can’t create it.

You still have another option to manually edit the theme and add the custom design and template functionality. But most of the bloggers and webmaster’s don’t have knowledge of coding and web designing so it becomes really difficult and irritating task for them.

Considering all these problems a WordPress plugin has been developed which allows you to specify different themes for different pages and posts.

Jonradio Multiple Themes

It’s powerful, yet easy to use WordPress plugin which allows the administrator to assign custom themes for different pages and posts. Website’s administrator even get an option to assign custom WordPress theme for category pages, archives and for the homepage.

Its a perfect plugin for those who want to make their website more beautiful, attractive and user-friendly.

With the help of this plugin, you can easily create the multipurpose website. For example, you can install portfolio theme and can create your own elegant portfolio page. What you just need, is to assign your custom theme for your portfolio page.

Similarly, you can create landing pages, subscription page, coming soon page for your new product and the possibility is endless.


In the above example, I have assigned three different templates for all pages, posts and for my website’s homepage using on radio multiple themes WordPress plugins. In the same way, you can assign custom design for individual posts and pages.

Some other important features have been pointed out below.

  • You can create and maintain multiple mini websites or niche based websites on one single installation.
  • In order to show your images, you can assign custom gallery theme. This can improve your page views.
  • This plugin supports multiple stylesheets.
  • You get the freedom to design and customize each and every element of your website like pages, posts, attachments.
  • You also have the option to mass assign theme. For example for all pages, for all posts and others.

Aside all of its powerful features and options it has few problems. Sometimes it’s not compatible with premium themes. In order to use this plugin, it’s essential to disable BuddyPress, theme test drive, and polylang.

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