8 Popular WordPress Plugins To Empower Lead Generation

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Online business is all about lead generation & making profits. All your strategies & efforts might bring leads, but competitors are always there to set more challenges for you. So, it is essential to choose right WordPress plugins to raise your success graphs in a shorter timeline.

In the midst of marketing & promoting your services, you might feel lost to determine which step will generate leads. Don’t worry as you have several opportunities to convert visitors into loyal subscribers. It is known that getting a lead generation forms for your WordPress website is a rock-solid plan to make success as a newbie or entrepreneur. So, we have a list of 8 WordPress plugins that are specified for lead generation:

1. Icegram

Need a fully-featured WordPress plugin? Icegram is the most preferred plugin for lead generation. Web hosters love using Icegram as it is loaded with multipurpose features. You can beautify your website’s look with appealing call-to-action buttons, popups, headers, opt-ins, & more. Icegram stands out from other lead generating plugins as:

  • It is user-friendly & easy to install.
  • One-step installation in few minutes
  • Its freemium version can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Comes with striking popups & quick action CTAs
  • Contains a wide range of compelling themes
  • View & analyze each opt-in page
  • Around 20 high converting & scalable design templates

Icegram offers unlimited benefits & add-ons for your WordPress website. The best thing is that its freemium version never restricts users from enjoying its additional benefits & features. The powerful ways to display targeting rules are the significant benefits of Icegram & they are based on:

User Behavior: Showcasing a message type to raise conversion on the basis of visitors’ browsing behaviour.

Call To Action: Track visitors’ activities on a website specifically CTA button operation. CTA actions majorly include an open link, form submission, form submission via AJAX, chain messages, message hiding, etc.

Geotargeting: Location-based messages for visitors from various areas of the globe. It may include geolocation campaigns, welcoming messages, local marketing, offers/discounts/events, customer services, & more.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is known as the best web-based WordPress plugin. You will find this plugin useful to convert your visitors into subscribers. Bloggers often choose this plugin to add value to a blog section of a website. Explore few advantages of using this plugin as given below:

  • Create compelling opt-in forms, headers, footer bars, & welcome gates for visitors.
  • Easy-to-use plugin to raise conversion rates up to 785%
  • Comes with 8 different types of opt-in forms templates like the popup, floating bars, sidebars, after-post, slide-ins, Canvas, in-line, & mobile-only popup.
  • All templates are highly responsive.
  • Track users’ navigation direction, customize email list, & categorize subscribers as per their interests.
  • Keep a check on all campaigns to analyze that which one makes successive conversions.

Email subscribers are your prominent customers, and OptinMonster plugin helps to get them. Various email marketing platforms such as AWeber, Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc. support this WordPress lead generation plugin. Publishers, agencies, eCommerce businesses, B2B firms, & other corporate entities often rely on this feature-loaded conversion optimization toolkit for getting more clicks & boosting sales. OptinMonster comprises a set of more than 65 customized templates, options for personalized message automation, conversion analytics, & more. So, get this advanced plugin to multiply your WordPress website’s conversion rates.

3. Sumo

Sumo plugin is all you need to drag organic traffic towards you. This comprehensive plugin allows you to monitor visitors & conversion rates side by side. More than 500,000 websites (Airbnb, BarkPost, Complex, Canva, more) are utilizing Sumo to bring in more traffic & generate leads. Its key features are:

  • Integrated with 6 unique list builders
  • Supports all types of mobile devices
  • Goes well with popular email providers
  • Showcases opt-in forms for page level targeting
  • Access results from lead generation campaigns

Sumo is the most preferred plugin that comes with highly customizable features. Go for this lead generating plugin that can help you attract more online visitors.

4. Thrive Leads

List building is a tiresome job, but it is crucial to influence your email subscribers. Thrive leads plugin is a powerful tool to monitor your website’s dashboard & customize new opt-in forms within few minutes.

Thrive leads offers software updates with upgraded features & uses. You can create a list of email subscribers with an opt-in form & improve them with A/B split testing, & analytic reports. This list building plugin is developed with various lead generating templates like slide-ins, ribbon, floating bars, widget forms, smart pop-ups, & more. Check out its exclusive features:

  • Mobile responsive opt-in forms
  • Drag-&-drop form editor for simplified customization
  • User-friendly dashboards for one-click insights & analysis
  • Deliver relevant content for email subscribers via smartlinks
  • One-time payments for affordability

5. Leadin

The leadin plugin is a robust lead generation tool introduced by Hubspot. This plugin is available for free, and it is useful for bloggers & entrepreneurs. Leadin allows you to check out insights whenever visitors fill opt-in forms & share their emails on your WordPress website.

The leadin plugin comes with a combination of lead capture forms, contact management, & marketing reports.

6. LeadBoxer

Real-time interaction with web visitors is a great idea to generate leads. Pure Chat is a web-based app used for chat purpose. It comes in both free & premium version. Website owners enjoy using this WordPress plugin for a live chat from any location.

You can assist visitors & reply them. In case you are offline, Pure chat notifies users and lets them reply customers from any location. You can use its free plan for 1 website & 15 chats per month. Pure chat app sends automatic responses to selected questions, accessibility to full chat transcript history & user ratings. Integrate this app with WordPress via a free plugin.

7. Leadpages

Automate your inbound marketing to encourage lead generation process. Leadpages justifies its name as it works to convert unknown visitors into prominent email subscribers. You can create landing pages with Leadpages and host them for you. All responsive designs & templates are catchy. Its creative popup box & exit-intent popup categorize the plugin from others. Use a plugin to connect Leadpages with WordPress.

8. LeadBoxer

Lead generation depends on precise analysis of visitors & their activities on a website. LeadBoxer allows you to check out all details & information about unknown visitors viewing on your web portal or site. You can access names of businesses who visit your website along with their interests or preferences on your services and products. LeadBoxer is a popular sale & lead generation toolkit for big data collection & notifications.

LeadBoxer presents two distinctive platforms for sales and marketing professionals. You can determine the rate of organic traffic flow on a website & get detailed info on the basis of smart filters on industry, company, location, behaviour, etc.

Sum Up!

So, these are the most popular lead generating plugins for WordPress website. All website owners must go through these 7 plugins for lead collection with customer engagement. These handpicked plugins are recommendable to start your work in a smart way.

3 thoughts on “8 Popular WordPress Plugins To Empower Lead Generation

  1. Awesome list man. I have been using OptinMonster for a long time but now I have switched to Thrive Leads. It’s easy to use and fast to setup.

  2. Sumo is by far the best wordpress plugin I have came across. 1st most of the features of there platform is free and you only pay for some serious feature upgrades.

    2nd I just love there customer support. I mean you are unhappy with the premium feature, just ask them and they will refund you your money without asking any question.

    3rd there plugin is super easy to setup and use.

  3. Icegram is good but most of the important features are not available to free users. And I don;t understand why you have listed Icegram in the first position.

    Is there any reason for it? I mean there are so many other email marketing platforms which offer way more features to there free subscription users.

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