WordPress vs Blogspot : Which One Is Best For You

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In the field of blogging, there are two major platforms wordpress and blogger. WordPress being GPL licensed allows the community to take part in its development. Whereas Blogger is privately owned by Google and does not allow external modifications.

If you ask bloggers then everyone has their own personal opinion. Some say that wordpress is better than blogger because of its easy to extend the features. However, some will say that blogspot’s interface is easy and even a novice with zero experience can start blogging with it.

Overall, you can say, that today these two are major platforms, which rule the blogging world. Now for the comparison I have taken certain important points. These points are necessary in today internet marketing and blogging world. These points also include the Google webmaster’s guidelines. Considering all of them, at the end of the post I will declare the winner.

WordPress vs Blogspot : The Ultimate Showdown

wordpress vs blogspot

WordPress is undoubtedly a powerful content management system. If you are new to blogging then you might not feel comfortable with its administration panel but trust me its powerful.

Now if we consider blogger, then it is extremely easy to use and is perfect for novice bloggers. It is a perfect solution if you have just started blogging or content writing. Nevertheless, if you want to establish a big magazine or new website on it, then you can get into big trouble. We will discuss about its problems later in this post.

Mobile Accessibility

Today as you already know, having a mobile responsive website is must for every blogger or business. Even Google wants every webmaster to have responsive website. According to them, our websites must be optimized for both mobile screens and other big screens.

In simple terms, you have to create a website that could serve content to both desktop and mobile readers without problem. However, it seems that Google has failed in their own examination. You can easily use blogspot from desktop or even from tablets. But it is hard to understand the interface when you are browsing via mobile device.

Although you can navigate through the help pages and put posts using SMS or MMS. Again, this method is a bit frustrating and no blogger would love to do it.

WordPress, in comparison, has a complete mobile friendly website. You can access it through m.WordPress.com. They have even developed apps for android and iOS. This makes it possible for bloggers to keep their blogs up-to-date on the go.

Considering the accessibility and the problem many new services and application have been developed. You can use them to control your blogs directly from your desktop or smartphone. One perfect example is managewp. It is a web service that allows you write posts or to perform security check in all your blogs from one dashboard.

Availability of Themes and Customizations

Now if you consider the design option for comparison then for me wordpress will win. Considering the layout customizations and design, both the blogging platforms provide great features. However, when we scale the category to advance features like post formats, page templates, then blogger falls short.

Design as we all know is a key element to impress any visitor or customer. If you want to have a low bounce rate and higher page views than you must have clean navigation with great typography. In order to increase engagement with visitors you can add custom widgets. You can use recent posts, reviews and related post widgets. You can also separate your posts according to their formats like article, video, audio, image, gallery etc.

WordPress.com has separated the themes according to the category to which they suite best. If you start a self-hosted wordpress blog then you can either download themes free from the official theme directory. Alternatively, you can buy high quality and powerful themes from template marketplace.

Now one another important point is the template customizers. Both of the platform have advanced default customizer, but over here blogger’s wins. From its customizer interface, you can change fonts, color, size, page size, and many other parts.

However, this does not mean a lot since in wordpress you can use visual post editors. Using them, you get unlimited possibilities to create pages and layouts. You can use multiple column, attractive call to action buttons, pricing tables and more. It should be noted that you could use a third party plugin only with self-hosted blogs.

WordPress.com and Blogger both have basic mobile theme support. Self-hosted wordpress users can use the responsive theme to make their website mobile and tablet friendly.

Provision of Static Pages

In blogspot you can add unlimited posts and limited number of pages. But in wordpress you can create unlimited posts, pages, custom author pages, archives and many more. There is one big difference between both two platforms and that is dynamic and static content.

Blogspot relies on HTML and XML to provide a platform and thus its a static platform. On the other hand WP utilizes PHP along with mysql and presents dynamic content.

WordPress is quite tricky when it comes to post interconnection. It uses both tags and categories to connect posts. But in Google’s blogger you can only define a post using tags. It allows the creation of only twenty pages and you can use any of them as your homepage. You may need to have some knowledge of HTML and XML to change the template of the blog. If you are a beginner then it is definitely not an easy task.

Whereas in WP you can either set latest posts or a sngle page as your home. No you can further edit your homepage by add elements like slider, widgets, breadcrumbs and more.

Look and Feel

Creating or changing the style for wordpress is much easier than blogpost. However, wordpress theme development is not an easy task, but tweaking existing templates is easy. You just need firebug and a little bit of CSS knowledge. If you also have PHP knowledge, then you can go a step ahead by create your own page templates and layouts.

Blogger on the other hand has limited ability to provide users with the power to change the current theme’s look and feel. Though it also uses CSS to add style to its templates, but it runs on XML which I personally feel is messy as compared to PHP.

Search Engine Optimization

According to me, SEO does not depend on the blogging platform. It is all about how much effort you put on your website, content creation, and promotion. Still there are certain fields in on page SEO that must be considered for better performance on serp.

Blogger has limited options regarding SEO. You can change the permalink; can add custom keywords and custom meta description tags for every post and pages. But there is no option for adding no-follow to tags or to any specific pages.

On the other hand, wordpress allows you to customize your permalink as per your need. You can install wordpress plugin like SEO by yoast to control your website’s SEO structure. Using this plugin or other SEO plugin you can enable or disable the sitemap creation, breadcrumbs. You even get control over archive index, site wide no-follow, no-index, and no-dir. Using it you can also get rid of replytocom link issues and can edit your robot.txt directly from your dashboard.

There are even plugin like Scribe SEO that allows you to perform keyword research from within your post editor.

Content Editor

WordPress provides two composers for writing posts. The first is the traditional WordPress post editor and the second one is quick composer. The quick composer is perfect for quick posts. The main editor is best for perfectly planned writing with extra features. Using the main editor, you get the ability to add sub heading, meta description tags, keywords, and other elements. If you are planning to write a tutorial then you can even embed videos, code snippets and can even add reviews.

Blogger too has dynamic post editor options and looks exactly like the Google Docs Word Processor. It helps in editing the HTML on the page, format the text and offers embed and upload video option. Other important features include the ability to add meta description, tags and to have a custom post URL.

Support for Multiple Author

There are many blogs that are maintained by two content writers. In such case, it is necessary that the admin has power to set rules for those writers. In this case, wordpress clearly wins. This platform was developed for magazines and professional blogs. Moreover, the developer knew very well about role association problems. Considering this, they added support for 5 account roles.

On the other hand, blogger has the provision of only two roles – Administrator and Non-Administrator.

WordPress allows separate accounts with different authoritative powers. Editors, Authors and Contributors, subscribers and administrators have their own dashboard with custom control. If you are looking to publish content on the blog on a regular basis than WordPress is definitely a better option.

Loading Speed of Blog

When it comes to the website speed, then I think wordpress is much faster than blogspot. One of the biggest problems, which I face with blogspot, is that their pages are loaded with scripts. And the worst part is that you cannot use any css and javascript minify plugin with it.

It does not support CDN services like maxcdn or akami. On the other hand, WordPress is built on PHP, which at times can take more time in comparison to blogger. But if you use a simple plugin named w3total cache, then you can easily speed up your blog by five to ten times. You can also use the free Cdn service from wordpres global network and cloudflare to boost up your blog.

Security Against Hacking

Blogger provides better security against hacking, mostly because it is maintained on Google servers. WordPress.com on the other hand is also secure, but there are many successful hack attempts only due to blogger’s mistake.

There have always been complaints from thousands of WordPress sites regarding hacking attempts. But wordpress has made it clear that 99% of the sites on their platform cannot be hacked if the blog owner use a secure password.

Monetizing the Content

Blogspot provides the inbuilt option to integrate Google AdSense with your blog. But unfortunately, this is unavailable in WordPress.

Actually, they have their own advertisement program. You can apply to it if you get decent to high volume traffic or else your application will be rejected. But the upside to the ads is that it makes money for the blogger.


Blogspot users get limited support from Google. However, you can visit to the forums in order to find the solution, but I do not think this is a professional way of supporting users.

On the other hand, Worpress has worldwide community and outstanding forum. They even offer support for every individual plugin and theme. You can ask your problem, rate the add-ons and can help other members.

If you are stepping into the world of blogging then Blogger might suit your need and can be easier to use too. If you are planning something big like starting a magazine or news site, then wordpress is built for you. It would provide you a professional website with lots of advanced control.

Overall I can proudly say that WordPress wins.

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