WordPress Zero Spam WordPress Plugin – Say Goodbye To Spam Comments

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Now it’s time to say goodbye to all spam comments. Install WordPress zero spam plugin and stop all sorts of bots, which burden your database and slow your website.

I hate spam comments and I have used dozens of plugins with almost no success. I have used Akismet along with honeypot and I have even used captcha but got no success. I simply feel irritated especially when I find thousands of spams in my comment section waiting for moderation.

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Now since I love blogging and love to express my views on different topics so I had to deal with this problem. Therefore, I started researching on forums, stack overflow and then I finally found a way that can simply eliminate all sorts of spams from my blog. All thanks go to David Walsh’s method. I just used his method and WOW; I have zero spam in my box. It’s really simple and easy to implement the method. However, if you don’t like manual editing of themes then you can use WordPress zero spam plugin. This plugin uses the same method but gives you the freedom to activate and deactivate it with the click of a button. Ben Marshall who is a professional web developer and SEO consultant with 6 years of experience has developed it.

What’s The Biggest Reason For Spams?

One of the biggest reason for spam comments is bots and services that automatically decode the captcha. Bots just use field insertion method to insert values to the essential comment sections. However, if you are using captcha then spammer utilizes services and tool that have faced recognition like ability. These services just create a cache of thousands and thousands of captcha and assign a valid value to them. Now if they find the same type of captcha on your website then it will inset the valid code and will bypass your security layer, automatically.

How WordPress Zero Spam Plugin Actually Works?

Now as I have already told you that it uses the same method and shared by David. But the question is how does it work and how to assume that it will really protect you from any spam activity.

thank you david walsh

In this method, we assume that bots are fools. As we already know that bots are designed such that they could input certain values to all the essential fields which are required to process and accept the comment.

But in this method, we create an additional field that should be kept empty in order to process the comment. Now we assume that bots will not understand about the requirement and will again populate this field with some random values and this is where they are caught.

But there’s a bit of problem with this method. It uses JavaScript to create fields. So anyone who has disabled JavaScript on their browser will not be able to comment. It is because, without JavaScript, essential fields will not be generated and, therefore, no comments will be accepted.

How It’s Different From World’s Most Popular Antispam Plugin Akismet?

Akismet is a web-based service, which is provided free from WordPress. Instead of stopping any kind of comment it actually processes all of them and then uses its artificial intelligence to assume whether it’s spam or not.

In order to perform this process first, your comment is uploaded from your server to Akismet’s cloud platform. Then over there it is processed and then finally is sent back to your server. This whole process consumes lots of server resources and thus contributes to making your website slower. Even then there is no guarantee that it will be able to defend hundred percent of spams.

On the other hand, WordPress zero spam plug-in uses simple PHP function and JavaScript to create an additional filed in the comment form. Though even this method does not guarantee you hundred percent spam-free website but it’s comparatively faster and requires low server resources.

Has It Helped Me?

Well before using this plugin, I used to get more than 500 to 2000 spam comments on daily basis. I was using Akismet as a defense layer but it was proving to be worthless because many of legit comments were also marked as spam.

After installing this plug-in, I have received less than three spam comments in this whole week. So for me, yes it has worked.

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