Meadow Personal Blog WordPress Theme Review

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Are you a professional blogger who just loves to share knowledge with the community of honest readers.

Well, in that case, I have good news for you. Now with the help of meadow personal blog wordpress theme, you can share your thoughts, your creativity, and knowledge in style.

Meadow personal blogging theme for wordpress

Review of Meadow Personal Blog WordPress Theme

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Meadow is a search engine friendly WordPress theme designed especially for bloggers and writers. It is a theme that has been designed and developed considering the latest search engine optimization trends.

If you use this theme, then it will help your site to get the better position on search engine result pages as it will add valid structured data markup to different elements on your site. It also follows the latest WordPress standards of coding and utilizes html5 markup and CSS3 media queries which basically means that your website will become cross-browser compatible and mobile responsive.

Meadow has been designed considering site performance and ease of use. It has a very clean and straightforward design which allows your visitors to easily navigate between your articles and other post formats while at the same time implementing modern design concepts.

I did some tests on this template, and I found out that it is really optimized for speed. If you just install a wordpress cache plugin along with some CSS and js minification plugins, then your site will easily get at least 95 upon 100 on Google page speed test. In my test, I used the preview link to test the speed, and it got 83 upon 100. I also noticed that in the demonstration website the developer didn’t use any cache or CDN.

Meadow theme speed test

It has got an advanced theme customization panel which allows you to modify the layout, typography, colors, sliders and various other elements of your website with the click and select feature.

Currently, this theme offers two different types of homepages styles. The very first the style is the basic blog layout. This layout includes a full-width content slider along with masonry style post layout just below it. The second layout is a pretty simple as it has content carousel along with the basic list type post layout just below it.


One of the most impressive features of this theme is that it is woo-commerce ready. This basically means that by using meadow WordPress blogging theme you can actually create an e-commerce website without using any experts help. What you will just need is to install woo commerce and some additional add-ons.

Most of the times when you feel creative you want to upload images and videos to your blog. If you are using any free theme, then I don’t think that they have support for custom post formats. But if you use Meadow then you get support for five different post formats, and they are as follows:

  1. Standard
  2. Video
  3. Audio
  4. Gallery
  5. Link

I think you might have got an idea of what I’m trying to say by post formats. Let’s say if you are planning to create a Gallery for your readers then you can go to the post editor and then select the appropriate post format and then create your Gallery. Now whenever your users visit your website, they will see an entirely new style page layout for this gallery. Meadow has custom styles for each post format, and this really helps in making a website look more impressive.

Meadow blogging team also has support for sticky navigation. By sticky navigation, I mean to say that when you scroll down on the navigation sticks on the top of the screen. For some of your visitors it might cause hindrance in reading your articles, but at the same time, this feature will help you get more page views as your readers will now be able to navigate your site more easily.

If you blog in other languages other than English, then I will say that this theme is a perfect option for you. Well, why there is an is that it has support for translation. It also has custom page templates for archive, search, error 404 pages and it provides you with three different types of post layouts. In the first layout you will find your content on the left side while the sidebar on the right-hand side. In the second layout you will have content on the right inside while the sidebar along with its widgets on the left-hand side and the third is a full with layout in which there will be only content, and there will be no sidebar.

Meadow WordPress theme comes with support for nine custom widgets, and they can be easily added to your website from your websites administration panel. It also includes an advance auto generated which allows you to add custom buttons, tables, tabs and various elements without coding.

Furthermore, if you purchase this theme, you will get a detailed documentation along with premium support from an elite WordPress theme developer.

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