My Honest SEOPressor v5 Review & Why I Use It

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An in-depth and honest SEOPressor v5 review. In this post, I will discuss every feature of this easy to use, powerful and feature rich SEO plugin.

Until today, SEOPressor has helped more than 128,000 websites to rank better. It has optimized more than 20 million webpages combined. And has been tested on more than 2000 websites for checking its capability.

Above all the latest version is Google panda friendly. It focus on high quality content writing along with perfect onpage SEO. It is more easy to use, has more advance features and is ready to help you from the instant you install it.

Indepth review on world's most popular SEO plugin that's SEOPressor Plugin

Well, I think that we all know the importance of SEO. Without optimization and without following Google’s guidelines it’s hard to rank any website. However in these 3 years Google has made the task of SEO a lot simpler to understand. Though factors that they consider for ranking have increased. Today there are almost 200 different signals which Google consider. And I personally feel that user experience and quality content tops that list.

Today, as we all know, just by stuffing keywords in your post will not give you better position. But will hamper your online dream.

Today there are many different on-page optimization techniques. And you need to use them to create high quality articles.

Google actually don’t want you to optimize your content for robots. Rather they want you to write informative articles for your readers. They want you to offer your readers better user experience, easy navigation and less adverts.

But in this SEO era it’s really difficult to find whether you have done correct onpage optimization or not. Considering this problem Daniel tan developed SEOPressor WordPress SEO plugin. His main intention is to help corporations and bloggers to achieve better position on SERP.
So let’s move ahead and check out whether this plugin is really worth a try or not.

Indepth SEOPressor Plugin Review

It was launched back in 2010 and since then it has become the most important and all in one SEO plugin for WordPress users. It has everything that any blogger and corporate website will need to optimize their content and website.

Today the latest version has the ability to integrate rich snippet and social media tag. It has ability to verify Google authorship. And it even support affiliate link cloaking. Additionally, it has a powerful content checking system. It automatically checks your complete article for SEO errors. Furthermore it provide you help to correct those errors. It also gives you a warning if you perform over optimization.
Now let us discuss the features of this amazing plugin in details.

LSI Keyword Research & Analysis.

For me and most of the marketer, keyword research is a time consuming task. In order to find long tail keywords you need expensive tools and subscriptions. But sometimes it become really irritating task to perform same process repeatedly.

Nevertheless, if you have this amazing plugin, you can analyse key phrases with a click of button. It will automatically do researching for you. And will present you with better suggestions. Actually it searched Google and Bing for keyword suggestions. This is the real power of SEOPressor keyword research.

LSI keyword suggestions

Now that was about research, let’s talk about analysis. For analysis this plugin scans all your content and generated the result. It considers word count and then keyword density. It even checks alternate tags, outbound links and inbound links.

SEOPressor analysis is far much better than any other plugin. It checks each word of your article and then finally come up with a score. If it shows the green color, then it means you have written a good content. However, if it gives you a red color, then you need to work harder. However, if you get an over optimization, warning then you must check hints to solve the problem.

Remember that this plugin will guide through every step. It will make sure that your articles are always in good condition.

Over Optimization Warning

No other wordpress seo plugin has this ability. SEOPressor’s powerful algorithms can warn you if you perform over optimization.

Over optimization warning helps to prevent google panda penalty.

For over optimization analysis this plugin considers many different factors. Factors like total keyword density and LSI keywords are considered. Then it also checks all types of links within an article whether internal or external. Then finally, it scans your images if they have the alternate tags or not. In this plugin, you have an option to automatically add the alternate tags and keywords in your title and image.

So if you want to automate most of your heavy tasks and want to prevent over optimization, then use this amazing and powerful plugin.

Add Rich Snippet Without Touching Codes

If you own a review or affiliate based website then it is necessary to include a rich snippet with every review you publish. Rich snippets not only help to improve the click rate on SERP, but also make your website more attractive. It offers you a block to write about the product, its version, price, verdict, and conclusion.

rich snippet feature

You can also give it a star rating which will be displayed on SERPs. Today there are many free and premium plugin to help you. But, why should you install an additional plugin.

It will only load extra style-sheet, java files and will hamper your website speed. When you are getting the same feature with SEOPressor rich snippet, then just forget others. It allows you to add a description and a star rating to any article or product review. And it will be displayed in SERP thus improving your overall click rate, page views and conversion.

Social Media Integration

Today SEOPressor support Facebook open graph tags and twitter metadata. This means now you can make your website more social friendly. This is most likely going to save time of your readers and they will just love this.

social media feature

Facebook open graph tags are important when you are trying to drive traffic from it. It allows its search filter to easily find your content and to serve it on the top. Thus improving your referral traffic and page views. It goes with twitter metadata as it allows you to set predefined message along with the #tags. This allows you to make your tweet more search friendly.

Ability to Verify Google Authorship

Now you do not need to install any more plugin for authorship verification. SEOPressor has inbuilt Google authorship verification functionality. Its latest version has ability to add valid relative author and publisher tags with your Google plus links. Thus you can now easily verify your authorship.

Powerful & Very Smart Linking

We all know how important internal and external linking is. Internal links help search engines to build a better website structure. Additionally it also allows your readers to find and read your old contents. Thus, it helps to improve page views and helps to lower your bounce rate.

External linking is also very important. It shows search bots that you want to offer your readers with quality and in depth content. This means you are trying your hardest to offer better user experience, exactly what Google wants. That is the reason why they will give you an extra boost on SERP.

But I have one important suggestion for you. You can use external links to decrease your bounce rate. What you have to do is to open all external links in a new tab. Try this and will you see some great changes in your analytics dashboard.

All these tasks becomes easy with SEOPressor smart linking. You have to just specify the keywords with their specific links. And whenever it finds any such word within your post it will automatically create the link without troubling you.

My Personal Experince

Just a week before writing this review I installed this plugin. One of the biggest problem which I always faced was keyword research. But thank’s to SEOpressor, now I can spend my precious time writing posts. And it handels all tough task of researching and analysis.

Whenever I write any post I try to get score between 80 to 100. This satisfies me that I have done a great job. And it also makes me feel great about my content.

Furthermore now my blog is more social friendly. Now I get more facebook likes and twitter shares.

But the feature I like the most is, over optimization warning. It helps me know where I should stop optimizing my content. Thus I always know that my blog is Google panda friendly.


There are many SEO plugins available on the internet, both free and premium. They all have great features but no one can come even close to SEOPressor.

Now I am not saying this because it’s a premium plugin with premium features. I am saying this because it’s widely trusted and is used by many professionals. So if you want to be a professional. If you want to write perfect SEO friendly articles. And if you want to establish authority in your niche, then you must use and install SEOPressor v5 wordpress plugin. I wish you would have liked my in-depth review.

4 thoughts on “My Honest SEOPressor v5 Review & Why I Use It

  1. I am really thankful to you for this awesome review on a SEOPressor WordPress plugin. I think that a SEOPressor has released their new words and which I personally feel is much more advanced than their previous version.

    What I really like about this WordPress as your plugin is a latent semantic indexing feature. I really like how it gathers the keywords from Bing and Google search results and display them and can even track them in my articles.

    One another great feature about this plugin is on page seo score. This really saves me hundreds of hours yearly because I am a freelance writer and I have to write thousands of articles yearly for medium scale to large scale blogs.

  2. There’s a new version of a SEOPressor available named as a SEOPressor connect. The way you have written the review on this plugin is really awesome and helpful.

    But I would like to request you to write the review, I mean the same in-depth review on a SEOPressor connect so that I could know about its future and consider buying it.

  3. SEOPressor is the greatest WordPress seo plugin which I have ever used in my whole life. I have been using this plugin since 2012 and since then it has evolved a lot. Back in those days the importance of a social media was not so much and so this plugin didn’t have any options to integrate his book metadata automated metadata into your website. But if you see the current version of a SEOPressor you will find that it has inbuilt functionality to integrate social media metadata in your website. This feature is really great because it allows your website visitors to say in your post in the way you want them to do so. You can pre-configure the thumbnail and can provide the default text for each and every individual post. And likewise you are saving your visitors time. One another great advantages of using this plugin is its ability to find LSI keywords instantly.And furthermore you can add them directly to your post.

    I must say that this is one of the best review I have ever read. Keep it up and thanks for this amazing post.

  4. I recently purchased SEO Pressor and I’m not pleased with this product, unfortunately it doesnt work as it should be.

    It doesnt work properly in multilanguage sites and it seems that is not compatible with WPML.
    Also it doesnt work for Greek Language.

    Even worst there is no support.

    I have sent many emails requesting to know if it is compatible Greek Language and WPML but I never received an answer.

    I removed this plugin and went back in Yoast

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