weForms Review – The Fastest Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

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Contact forms are already a crowded market in WordPress. But they are essential. Contact forms enhance your website, and as a consequence, your business too. You can use them in multipurpose ways.

The benefits they bring are also numerous.:-

  • it enriches your website look,
  • saves your inbox from spam mails,
  • ensures your users that you are reachable and will receive their query even during off hours,
  • you get to prevent your potential clients from drifting away to competitors,
  • your users don’t have to resort to email,
  • understand your users better, and therefore, serve them efficiently.

The launch of a new type of contact form

Very recently a brand new type of contact form, known as weForms was launched by weDevs. In an already saturated market, our new advanced contact form plugin made its grand entry with a lot of grace, hope, and celebration. And it has already been received positively by the market, users, and competitors alike.

So let’s get to know more about it.

What is weForms?

weForms wordpress plugin

It is simply a contact form plugin which comes with advanced features, user friendly interface and powerful drag and drop builder. It’s customizable and extensible, just like most WordPress plugins.

It has the easiest and fastest user interface. Users can easily get started with weForms with its pre-built form templates. The preface is completely setup by default and users don’t have to configure anything differently.

This addon also works in tandem with WP User Frontend, which means you get a complete package that serves all your frontend needs.


Features of weForms free:

  • Easy to understand
  • Super fast to use
  • Creates rich and industry-standard forms
  • Comes with the highly popular frontend post submission plugin, WP User Frontend
  • Comes with several different predefined customizable templates
  • Loads in a single page instantly
  • Live preview available while editing the form
  • Drag and drop form elements
  • Mobile-responsive

features of drag and drop weforms

With weForms, how you use your WordPress site is going to change. It is not only more reasonably priced than other popular solutions, it’s free version is also more feature-rich than other forms. Thus making it a powerful tool.

Why this was necessary

WordPress runs around 27% of websites. This also means there is a lot of demand for contact form plugins within WordPress since contact forms are a necessity for any website. Optimizing contact forms in the best way ensures maximum conversions and generation of leads.

In 2012, Contact Form 7 gained a lot of name and appreciation for being very detailed and catering to the needs of most users even while being free. It still remains one of the top solutions in the market and stands with 3 million+ active installs. However, using it isn’t as simple for non-tech and average users as it requires coding knowledge. In 2017, weForms wants to upgrade the revolution by offering advanced features to contact form with the same abundance.

How to use the weForms plugin?

The very first requirement is that your site should be running on WordPress 3.0 or later version.

When you download this extension, the free version of WP User Frontend plugin will get installed automatically and you will not need to take any extra steps for it. You can later upgrade to Pro. WP User Frontend completes your frontend needs and ensures that you get the best experience out of this extension.

To utilize the power of this contact form extension, simply install it on your website by going to your wp-admin>Plugins>Add New and search weForms (Author: weDevs). Click Install & Activate. Or, you can also download the plugin from here if you want to upload it through and ftp engine.

It’s quite quick and easy. There is really no configuration you will need to do after installing.

What’s so different about weForms?

With our addon creating contact forms is extremely easy. Below I have discussed some of its important features.

Lots of Good Things for Free

weForms is free to install on your WordPress site. Many other plugins also come for free. The good thing about it is that even in its free form it is packaged with a lot more than the rest.

Furthermore, apart from being free it comes with all the essential features. It includes unlimited forms, drag & drop builder, export and import submission data, field customization, mail support features, Helpscout, Anti-spam, and Slack integration.

The new entry has done a good job to ensure that users get for free what other solutions are offering at their minimum pricing.

Intuitive and User-Friendly

Sometimes users require tech experts to create a desired form. And even when they do, they do not get the preferred design they are looking for. Keeping the average user in mind, weForms has been designed in a way so that anyone can quickly craft even lengthy forms easily. And that too without tech-savviness.

Built-In Templates

The ready-made and pre-installed templates in weForms let you get started instantly. It lets you build industry standard forms only with a few clicks. You can choose to create a regular contact form, or a support form or event registration form. You can also create forms without the templates completely from scratch!

quick actions

Easy to Customize Email Notifications

With the customized email notifications for each form, you get to stay up to date with your submissions.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

The drag and drop elements allow users to craft their forms easily. With the real-time preview feature you get to see how the form will eventually look like once it’s finished. The form builder changes automatically while you are editing it.


reCaptcha for Extra Security

With this feature, users can easily prevent spammers from their forms. This is very essential to keep submissions organized and organic.

Publishing Your First Form

Your obvious next step after downloading and installing weForms on your WP dashboard is to create your first form.

By now you know that you don’t need to be techy to create a sober and professional-looking contact form. But you may be wondering how easy is it to publish and bring it to your audience? Would you need some tech expertise or coding knowledge for that?

The good thing is – Not at all.

With the presence of shortcodes at the top of each form you create, as shown below, you will seamlessly be able to publish your form.

At first, simply click on the shortcode to copy it.

weform shortcodes

Secondly, visit Pages from the sidebar of your WP Dashboard, and navigate to Add New.

On the body, simply paste the shortcode with the common key (ctrl+v).

Thirdly, on the title, write a new heading for your form that you want to appear on your website.

registration form

Finally, after completing the full content, click on ‘Publish’ button and you are good to go!

With these 4 easy steps, you are publishing your website contact form which instantly appears on your frontend.

The form I have created looks like this one from the frontend:

The 4 Pricing Packages

weforms plugin pricing

weForms launched with 4 unique packages for the convenience of users. All the 4 PRO packages are feature-rich and catered to separate markets.

The Personal plan is great for solo business and single site owners as it contains all the essential features. The best part of this plan is that it comes with two highly demanded integrations, MailChimp and MailPoet. It will also have weDevs’ own  integration, weMail.

This ensures that with each submission on weForms, you will be able to extract user contact information and grow your contact lists. Thus you are being able to grow your email marketing platforms and reach more people.

The Professional and Business plans are perfect for every business, with the Business plan being having more advanced features, such as, more email marketing, productivity, and CRM integrations. It comes with a greater number of licenses (10) than Professional (3).

Finally, the Developer plan which can be used on 50 websites and comes in a complete package with all features from essential to advanced. It’s the all-in-one solution for both developers and businesses.

You can check out the pricing table from their website.

Upcoming Features

weForms and WP User Frontend will soon be coming up with more advanced features. Such as, integrations with SalesForce, Get Response, Zoho, and Trello. Besides, there will be licensing checker feature for EDD and Envato.

And users can also suggest feature suggestions based on their business and personal requirements.

Final Thoughts

In spite of being a newbie in the market, weForms does the job of bridging the two-way communication between the user and provider as competitively as others. It has made a promising start with its user interface and all its essential features. It even provides form submission management for free, which cannot be seen in many popular contact form plugins. With the variety of strong pricing plans and the upcoming goodies that are to be implemented, it seems weForms will be giving a strong competition to other existing form building plugins in the market.

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