Cloudways Review – Why You Should Use It As Your Web Hosting Provider

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Today I am going to share an in-depth, unbiased Cloudways review. If you are planning to shift your traditional business to a digital one, then you will need to get a reliable hosting plan.

Today, cloud infrastructures, explicitly managed hosting, have captivated a significant chunk of the digital market. Most websites on the Internet are based on web applications, such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla.

According to an industry insight, more than 27% of the sites across the Internet are based on WordPress. To host WordPress, one should find an excellent hosting platform. Although WordPress is considered as a blogging platform but with time it has turned into an exceptional content management system (CMS). Today, you can design almost any kind of website using WordPress. But with the design, you also need a reliable, fast and secured hosting platform.

Cloudways Review

indepth cloudways review

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform offering exceptional hosting service to its users.

Now the question is how Cloudways is different than other hosting platforms?

It’s because it offers its customers with advanced caching technologies, such as Varnish, Memcached. Furthermore, users can by themselves choose the HTTP server like Apache, Nginx, etc.

This mixed layer of ultrafast caching offers 99.99% up-time to hosted websites. And that’s what makes this cloud hosting stand out among other competitors.

But that’s not all. It allows you to deploy and manage your applications on various hosting platforms. You can choose from

  • Vultr
  • Google cloud engine
  • DigitalOcean
  • AWS
  • KYUP containers

The most impressive part is that you don’t need to have an account on any of these platforms. You just need to have one account with Cloudways, and that’s all. Furthermore, you can choose from 25+ worldwide server locations. With with just a click on location button you can deploy your website or application in that region. Isn’t that awesome.

This feature facilitates you to prioritize the customers or readers in your business-centric Geo locations. As a result, you will naturally see higher conversion rates and profit.

You can also choose from MySQL or MariaDB database for your website. Furthermore, each and every VPS deployed comes with their dedicated IP address. And you them for free of cost. This is something unique when other hosting companies charges you $2 to $5 per month per dedicated IP address.

Although, one can find a large number of hosting providers across the Internet, what really makes this cloud hosting stand out among competitors? Let’s take a look at its features.

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Advanced Caching Technology

image showing the cloudways caching technology

Cloudways ensures and guarantees 99.99% page uptime for websites hosted on their servers. All thanks to the incredible layered caching technology, ThunderStack.

ThunderStack is a stack on which their whole hosting platform is based. Additionally, it offers Varnish, Memcache, Apache, PHP-FPM, Redis and Nginx layers.

When you combine all these web technologies in one package, you get high speed and performance with any compromises.


Forget about the hosting companies which punish you by closing your account for getting too many website traffic.

With Cloudways you can get millions of visitors without any lags in performance or speed. All thanks go to its auto-scalable cloud hosting on Kyup containers that scale both up and down without any human intervention. The best thing is that you will notice virtually zero downtime.

Auto-scalability is a must-have element of modern web app deployment to tackle with unexpected traffic spikes.

Free 1-Click SSL Certificates

Now you don’t need to pay a single dollar for SSL certificates, nor you have to wait days for SSL certificate deployment. With this cloud hosting platform, you get 1-click SSL certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt.

It contains a built-in tool and an extensive guide with the help of which users can deploy and configure SSL. And if you face any problem you can always ask for support.

1-Click Cloning

Cloning feature gives you the power to replicate your entire website without any issues or bugs. With this feature, you can create multiple copies of your applications and servers on the same platform.

These clones can help you copy out codes and designs for your future website endeavors.

Backup & Restore

1-click Backup & Restore feature help you to create multiple backups and restore them in the case of any errors or misconfiguration. It comes with automated instances that can be ranged from hourly, daily to weekly backups.

Did you just typed in a wrong code and you are worried that your website may be at risk? With 1-click Backup & Restore you can undo it.


With 1-click scaling, you can increase your server and application size as per your requirements. Although Cloudways, unlike other hosting providers, offer “pay as you go” pricing model from which you can always scale your server up instantly as per your preferences.

Staging Areas and URLs

Not all hosting platforms offer Staging Areas & URLs. Cloudways is one such hosting platform that gives you the option to have a separate staging area for your web application. You can now create a test website and analyze it in the staging area.

This feature gives you the freedom to test your web applications on separate sub-domains provided for free of cost. It allows you to find and fix all your bugs and errors and once you are ready, with just a click of a button your staging site will be live.

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Performance Optimized WordPress Hosting

best wordpress hosting features

What I find exciting about Cloudways is that it offers some essential features considering speed optimization and performance.

Multiple Cloud Infrastructures

You have the freedom to choose your personal favorite cloud service for hosting your website or application. You can choose from 5 different services, Vultr, Google Cloud, AWS, Digitalocean, and Kyup. Once you have chosen your favorite service, you can go ahead and deploy a virtual private server on it.

When you deploy any VPS, your server is equipped with dedicated resources. It means that you and only you decides how to utilize resources such as CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth. And the best part is that you can always use 100% of your resources without getting your account banned.

Multiple Datacenters

server location of cloudways

Do you want to create a Geo-targeted website? Well, if that’s something you want then must switch to Cloudways today itself. With this amazing hosting service you can choose from 25+ worldwide locations. Furthermore, each of these servers comes equipped with the same level of speed and performance optimization settings.

Multiple Apps Support

Cloudways supports not only WordPress but also a wide range of other applications. Actually, there are more than 12 prepackaged applications which can be deployed without any extra settings.

If you are looking for a more coding friendly application, then you can select Drupal or Joomla. If you are looking to launch an educational portal, then select Moodle. And if you are seeking to create an eCommerce store, then from dropdown selection menu you can choose either Magento or PrestaShop.

You can also host various other open source projects like Ghost blogging platform, phpBB forum or premium web applications like vBulletin, IPboard, etc.

Cloudways Bot

It is an automated bot that offers cloud notifications on the go. It’s a user-friendly bot integrated within this platform, and no other hosting platform provides such an assistant.

It helps you get familiar with the account management interface. It notifies you about your server/application updates, roll out backups and allows you to connect to different social platforms. It’s one of a kind and is really helpful for novice users.

WordPress Migrator Tool

wordpress migration service free

Not all Cloud hosting platform offers customers tools that can help them migrate their WordPress websites. Cloudways is one such name on the market that provides an integrated WordPress Migrator Tool.

It enables users to migrate their website from any other hosting platform without any bugs and errors. Your data will be securely transferred, and also, the first migration is absolutely free.

Different WordPress Installations

Cloudways offers you a variety of versions of WordPress. You can either choose the simple version, the WooCommerce version or maybe a multisite version depending on your website requirement. Irrespective of the business you own, you can create an extensive network of sites and can even add an online store to your WordPress site.

Cloudways Pricing & Plans

One of the good thing about Cloudways is that it offers users a crystal clear pricing plan. They follow a Pay-as-you-Go model which means that you will only be charged for what you consume. Each different cloud provider (like AWS, Google Cloud services, DO, Vultr, etc. ) offers a different pricing plan based on the package you wish to avail.

You can find bundled pricing packages and if you have any other custom requirements. You can always scale up your server size, and other server attributes from the cloud hosting platform itself. The smallest plan is of DigitalOcean, and it starts at $11/month.

Wrapping it Up

I think Cloudways is a great hosting platform as it offers individuals the liberty to perform all server/application processes through 1-click features. I love the fantastic interface which they offer but what I love the most about them is their active 24x7x365 support.

If you are looking forward to hosting your WordPress application, then make Cloudways -Managed Cloud Hosting Platform your preferred choice.  If you find this review interesting, don’t hold back, leave a comment in the provided section below.

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